Top 10 Best Travel Duffel Bags of 2021 (Guide and Reviews)

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying a bag for traveling. And a duffel bag is one of these options. It allows you to pack efficiently, move easily and quickly, as well as maintaining a professional appearance throughout your journey. Duffel bags are very versatile and they are designed for short businesses or weekend trips. Therefore, they tend to be lightweight yet spacious enough to carry the needed items for a day or two.

With different brands and styles available on the market, selecting the best travel duffel bag can be a daunting task. So, if you have decided to go for one, check our keenly selected top 10 best reviews to discover more.

1. OXA Travel Backpack Duffle

OXA Travel Backpack Duffle Check price on Amazon

Travel light with the OXA Travel Backpack Duffle. While it’s not the largest bag in this list of best-performing duffel bags, it remains a pretty solid value, as it is super durable with high-density fabric and superior leather construction. It offers 4 compartments for easy organization and packing of all items. Needless to say, the bag is compact and lightweight so you won’t have too much weight on your shoulders. Additionally, the bag is quite versatile; it can be used as a duffel bag, a backpack or a shoulder bag. It is a flexible bag that you will find great for traveling.

2. Bago Travel Duffle Bag for Women & Men

Bago Travel Duffle Bag for Women & Men Check price on Amazon

With trendy colors to choose from, the Bago Travel Duffle Bag for Women & Men will easily blend with your style. It is made of the highest-quality materials which are durable and lightweight. Moreover, it measures 11x15x27 inches to provide you with adequate space without sacrificing the weight. This easy-to-pack model is also aesthetically designed to match any person’s wardrobe. As such, it comes in multiple pretty colors to choose from. Furthermore, it is a very versatile unit; apart from using it as a travel bag, you can use it as a gym bag; thanks to the gym sports design.

3. Olympia 22″ 8-Pockets Rolling Duffel Bag

Olympia 22 Check price on Amazon

Constructed of supreme 1200D polyester, the Olympia 22″ 8-Pockets Rolling Duffel Bag is the perfect bag for someone looking for a wheeled luggage. Maneuverability is not in question when you travel with this bag. It has in-line skate wheels and hideaway pull handles for the same. Featuring a simple design, this bag has 8 exterior pockets for ease of packing and organization. Besides, there is a U-shaped top opening design to provide you with easy access to the main compartment. If you like to fashionably stand out when traveling, this is definitely your go-to product. It comes in an array of colors to go with any fashion sense.

4. Herschel Supply Co. Unisex Duffel

Herschel Supply Co. Unisex Duffel Check price on Amazon

Made of 100% polyester and 100% nylon lining, the Herschel Supply Co. Unisex Duffel has a well-structured design that helps maintain its shape. The two handles on top of the bag as well as the adjustable shoulder straps ensure convenient carrying. The bag features one main huge compartment to allow for easy packing and organization of all essential items for a trip. Also, there is one pocket on the side of the bag for you to keep shoes. Compared to the standard duffel bags, this model has fewer pockets, but this is a lesser issue. Furthermore, the bag has a top zip closure for easy access to the content.

5. AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag

AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag Check price on Amazon

An ideal duffel bag is one that is convenient for traveling and will not pose any challenges during storage. The AmazonBasics Large Duffel Bag is that type of bag. It features a roomy interior, making it ideal for traveling or keeping items at home. Besides, the bag is collapsible for easy storage when it is not carrying anything. It is made of 100% nylon which is durable yet lightweight. The bag has zippered interior pockets for organization and exterior pockets for easy reach of small items such as tickets and keys to mention but a few. Furthermore, this duffel bag is easy to carry with top loop handles for easy lifting and carrying.

6. Plambag Unisex Canvas Duffel Bag

Plambag Unisex Canvas Duffel Bag Check price on Amazon

Plambag is a reputable company famous for their quality and durable products. Well, the Plambag Unisex Canvas Duffel Bag is no exception. It is a well-designed bag that boasts high-density construction of 100% cotton canvas and classical bronze tone. The bag has 1 large main compartment, 1 interior zipper pocket, 2 front zipper pockets, 2 side zipper pockets, and 1 back zipper pocket for managing your items. In addition, it comes with all round sturdy stitched handles for easy grip and carrying. It works well, and, therefore, it will keep your luggage safe from dirt and water.

7. Ledmark Heavyweight Duffle Bag

Ledmark Heavyweight Duffle Bag Check price on Amazon

Going on a trip that may require you to bring bulky items? The Ledmark Heavyweight Duffle Bag is the luggage for you. This duffel bag is a good choice if you want a high-density bag that will stand the test of time while offering optimum function. Featuring a full-length zipper, this bag will allow you to carry oversized and bulky items. What’s more, it is constructed of rugged durable cotton canvas that enables it to resist wear and tear. It will, therefore, protect your items from any kind of damage including theft because it has lockable zip sliders for the same.

8. Nike Brasilia Training Duffel Bag

Nike Brasilia Training Duffel Bag Check price on Amazon

A useful travel duffel bag is a good investment for any traveler. The Nike Brasilia Training Duffel Bag is built to impress and last many years of frequent use. As a result, it is constructed of the highest-quality polyester and water-repellent bottom to help keep it dry and protect the contents. The duffel bag has interior hanging pockets to enhance organization and mesh pockets to temporary keep quick-access items. Furthermore, it measures 28″ L x 11″ W x 14″ H to provide you with enough room for storage and easy access to items. The bag is also easy to lift and carry because of its double handles and removable cushioned straps.

9. BLUBOON Genuine Leather Travel Duffel

BLUBOON Genuine Leather Travel Duffel Check price on Amazon

The BLUBOON Genuine Leather Travel Duffel is the perfect blend of professional style, high-quality materials, and durability. It is made from top-quality authentic crazy horse leather and soft but thick canvas. Nevertheless, the raw leather may make it mold if air is wet. So, make sure you keep the bag in a cool, dry place. Of all the duffel bags in this category, the BLUBOON Bag is the largest. It measures 21.2″x9.0″x16.5″, meaning it will provide you with a large capacity to keep all items. Everything about this bag is high-quality and durable; from buckles to zippers. It makes a good overnight or weekend bag since it is well-spaced with interior pockets to keep things neat and organized. Moreover, the handles are curved and straps are adjustable for easy movement in a crowded place.

10. Everest Sporty Gear Bag

 Everest Sporty Gear Bag Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for the best duffel bag for a weekend gate-away or light travels, look no further, as the Everest Sporty Gear Bag just solved that problem for you. Featuring a simple design, this bag is spacious enough to let you bring all the items you’ll need for the weekend. It has numerous external compartments to improve your organization and make packing easier than ever before. The mesh pocket on the side of the bag will allow you to keep temporary items, saving you time when looking for them. Also, the joining hook and loop top handles are padded, adjustable and removable for easy carrying of the bag to different places.

Buying Guide for Best Travel Duffel Bag

You may have the reviews of the best performing duffel bags on the market today. However, how will you know that one particular bag is ideal for your needs? And what exactly are you supposed to take into considerations? These and more are some of the key questions you may be asking yourself right now. But we have you covered; below is a guide that will help you arrive at the right duffel bag.

Ease of packing

The ease of packing a duffel bag is determined by the number of compartments and zippers. Go for a bag that gives you room for packing odd-shaped items and one that has high length zippers. Such bags will enable you to keep bulky and irregularly-shaped items easily.


Closely related to the ease of packing is the organization of the bag, which is also determined by compartments. Duffel bags with multiple interior and exterior pockets will allow you to neatly arrange your items. Their exterior pockets will allow you to organize shoes, and other essential items like tickets, ID, and keys.

Ability to carry

A good duffel bag is easy to carry. The ability to carry a duffel bag is determined by adjustable straps as well as padded handles for comfort while carrying. This will ensure that you can move easily along the crowded streets or even run up the stairs when you are getting late.


Consider a duffel bag that is made of high-quality and durable materials only. Such bags are long-lasting and can stand the test of time. With such a bag, you can rest assured of optimum performance even after several years of use.


Traveling can be stressful, but packing up your gear is even more challenging. That is why you need the right travel duffel bag that can make traveling fun and hassle-free. They are strong, lightweight and have many compartments. So, waste no more time and grab at least one that best suits your traveling needs.

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