Top 10 Best Sleep Masks For Travels of 2021

Travelling is fun when you have the right gear. Apart from clothes, shoes and accessories, you need a sleep mask. It will be useful when taking a nap in the bus or plane. When you do not want distractions from the people around you, light or the surrounding, a mask will come in handy. It will help you sleep faster than when you close your eye naturally. Unless you buy a mask and experience the difference, you might think that you do not need it. Well, it is important to be keen about the products you buy. Here is a review of best sleep mask for travel.

1. Bucky Eye Mask Review

 Bucky Eye Mask Review Check price on Amazon

Bucky is perfect for everyone be it adults or children. It is comfortable in that you can blink, and does not add pressure to your eyes. Its lightweight nature is negligible. You do not even feel like you are covering your eyes. If you are wearing eye extensions, you can be sure they will not get damaged.

This product is made from polyester and foam. These materials are easy to wash, dry and maintain. If you have issues with latex, this mask does not have it. The brand keeps away light so you can sleep quickly. With an elastic strap, there is a snug fit on the ears.

2. Nidra Rest Mask Review

Nidra Rest Mask Review Check price on Amazon

Starting with the adjustable head strap, Nidra offers several admirable elements. Enjoy the comfort of sleeping while facing whatever direction you like when travelling. Face the window, look forward and nothing deters you from resting peacefully. Block out light and sleep for long. This way, you rest well and feel fresh before embarking on your life tasks. The mask mimics your face shape so you do not wake up having lines crossing around your eye area. About comfort, you will feel no force or pressure on your eyelids. It means you can wear makeup and not worry about the mask messing it up. Like the previous product, this brand is light.

3. Mavogel Sleep Mask Review

Mavogel Sleep Mask Review Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for a mask that will completely cover your eyes, Mavogel should be on your list. It is highly flexible. For instance, it offers different shapes for the noses since we do not have similar nose bridges. This ensures you get a product that fits you perfectly. The fact that there is no pressure around your eyes means there is room for air to flow in, so you do not hurt your eyes. The smooth fabric increases comfort while wearing. You can use cotton wool beneath the mask for an extra soft touch on your sight organs. People have different head sizes. The elastic strap takes care of that by making sure the mask fits any head size and shape. Using Mavogel is a walk in the park. Your hands are all you need.

4. Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Review

 Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Review Check price on Amazon

The brand has quite the design. It comes with earplugs for extra comfort. You have a pouch to store your mask and plugs when on the go, thus there is a reduced risk of losing them. Bedtime Bliss promises high quality products made from high-grade materials such as moldex. When wearing the mask, there is enough space for you to open your eyes when need be and go back to sleep. It is not a tight product at all. Buy it as a gift for your partner or children. They will love it. If you tend to have dry eyes when using masks, this one prevents that.

5. Sipwell Jersey Slumber Mask Review

Sipwell Jersey Slumber Mask Review Check price on Amazon

Silk is always an amazing, soft fabric. Sipwell mask boasts of silk material. It is super comfortable. Improve the quality of sleep you get by buying this mask. It is so comfortable that you will sleep without caring about the sounds around you. It does not matter whether you are sleeping on your back, stomach or side. You are good to go with this brand. Adjust the elastic strap for the mask to stay intact as you nap. If you toss when sleeping, it will not come off. The elastic feature also takes care of your precious hair, because it does not get tangle in it.

6. Three21 Relax 3D Mask Review

 Three21 Relax 3D Mask Review Check price on Amazon

Anything with the term 3D is definitely a worthwhile purchase. Three21 provides users with spectacular aspects. For starters, it is comfortable, opaque and light to give you a good time sleeping. Enjoy the high standard polyester fabric that is soft on your eyes. If you want a breathable mask, consider this brand. The stretch band gives you a good fit when wearing. Adjust it to ensure the mask is not tight on you. The last thing you need is waking up when napping just to readjust the band. Your health is safe with this product considering it is anti-bacterial and anti-mite. Durability is a guarantee because Three21 does not fade.

7. Babo Care Sleep Mask Review

Babo Care Sleep Mask Review Check price on Amazon

As one of the best sleep mask for travel, it provides you free earplugs. There is no need of exposing your ears to unwanted sounds when all you want is a good sleep. There is a nose guard that helps ensure total darkness when sleeping. It closes up space around the nose. Babo is an elegant silk mask. Are you looking for a brand made of natural material, mulberry silk to be specific? Choose Babo Care. It is super soft and extra smooth for a comfortable nap. Breathability is its other amazing element. Use the flexible headband that does not damage your hair and have fun sleeping.

8. Sleep Master Mask Review

Sleep Master Mask Review Check price on Amazon

Who said you should not look lovely when sleeping? Sleep Master has an attractive design that will ensure you remain stylish even when napping. It is made of satin, which is a soft material as well. The exterior is synthetic while the interior is cotton. Unlike other brands that use elastic straps or headbands, this one uses Velcro strips. If you have any allergies, do not worry. This product is hypoallergenic and has no latex. Simply hand wash it and it is clean enough. It is also soft, long lasting and adjustable for comfort purposes. Skin around your eyes needs to breath and what better mask than one that is highly breathable and lightweight?

9. L’alysse Sleep Mask Review

L’alysse Sleep Mask Review Check price on Amazon

From afar, you may confuse this mask with your sunglasses due to its shape. Anyway, what does L’alysee have to offer you? Now, it comes with free earplugs and a pouch for safety when travelling. It also suits any nose size. The contouring, lack of pressure when wearing and being lightproof elements give you a great afternoon nap whether on a flight or in your car. Regarding comfort, enjoy the sponge that keeps you comfortable. The soft construction, breathable material and lightweight nature adds to the beauty of the product. L’alysse has a slim design that blocks away as much light as possible so you can sleep undisturbed. The nose wing lifts pressure off your eyes while the Velcro is soft and elastic for a flexible, easy to wear mask.

10. G7 Sleep Mask Review

G7 Sleep Mask Review Check price on Amazon

One unique feature about G7 is that it covers your eyes, eyelids, and part of our forehead. In short, the size is suitable and good at providing the extensive cover you need to sleep. It blocks out light easily for an enjoyable, deep sleep. The shape of your face does not matter, as this is a universal product. All you do is wear it in a way that fits you properly. You will love the soft material, which is comfortable and leaves no marks on your face. If you need to concentrate on sleeping when travelling, think about buying G7. It is a good purchase.


In your search for best sleep mask for travel, you have a guide to help with that. Instead of buying low quality products, invest in the above items. They are soft, comfortable, and adjustable, yet they can function as great blindfolds.

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