Top 6 Best Baby Food Storage Containers [2023

Food experts advise that little kids and toddlers should not be fed industry-processed foods. And this is because their digestive systems are not strong enough to combat preservatives and flavors that are always included in these foods.

This leaves you with no choice but to be preparing homemade foods for your baby. However, before you begin doing that, it is important that you know where you will store these homemade foods.

And this is where the best baby food storage container comes in handy. These units are designed to promote convenience by providing a clean and trusted place to store cooked baby food.

Most of them are freezer safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, meaning you will find them easy to handle. In the following guideline and reviews, we help you make an informed decision on what product to buy.

What to Consider when choosing a Baby Food Storage Container

  • On-the-go:
    Sometimes, you will find yourself on-the-go yet you must carry food for your little one if at all you will be leaving with him. For this reason, try to go for those containers with leak-proof lids, since they hardly leak and will not cause any mess. Also, make sure that the containers you choose are made of clear materials or labeled for easy identification of the content.
  • Material:
    The material used to make a food storage container you are interested in should be safe. That is to say, it should be free of BPA, phthalate, and PVC. From research, it is known that these substances are not good for little kids and even adults. Therefore, to avoid compromising the health of your little one, be sure to go for storage containers made of safe and trusted materials.
  • Number of Pieces:
    Baby food storage containers are available in sets that contain different pieces of storage containers. And if you decide to go for a baby storage container set, make sure it contains as many pieces of food storage containers as possible. This will make it convenient and easier to store different kinds of foods for your little one. Best of all, you will be able to prepare all of these foods at once, so you be serving your baby whenever she needs them.

6. Skip Hop Baby Zoo Kit Feeding Set Review

Skip Hop Baby Zoo Kit Feeding Set Review
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Designed for little kids and toddlers, the Skip Hop Baby Zoo Kit Feeding Set will be a life-saver to both you and your little one. It is a colorful case that displays beautiful colors to grab your kid’s attention. By so doing, it makes eating fun, which in turn, encourages independent eating.

Moreover, this food storage container features coordinating clips that make it easy to close and open. In fact, your little one will do the opening and closing by herself. The container also has a rubber seal that locks the liquid in place to prevent leaks.

What’s more, it has a generous capacity of 700ml (24oz) to allow you to keep just enough food for your baby. It is recommended for kids aged 6 months and above. Moreover, its parts are Phthalate-free, PVC-free, and BPA-free to give you peace of mind during use.

5. Elacra Baby Food Airtight Storage Containers Review (Pack of 6)

Elacra Baby Food Airtight Storage Containers Review (Pack of 6)
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These airtight storage containers give you the best solution to store your baby’s food. They are perfect for storing lunch treats, kids’ snacks, and other baby food. Furthermore, they are lockable and airtight, so they can keep your kids’ food fresher for longer.

Elacra Baby Food Airtight Storage Containers are also handy when it comes to freezing or microwaving food. Like other premium quality food storage containers, Elacra Airtight Storage Containers are BPA-free, and, therefore, will safeguard the health of your little one.

They are also microwave-safe, so do not expect them to warp or bubble when placed in the microwave. Their spill-proof rubber ring locks in the freshness of food, thereby, preventing microorganisms, bacteria, and germs from accessing the food.

In addition, these containers are dishwasher friendly to make cleaning a cinch. They are also reusable to help you save a few bucks in the long run.

4. Sage Spoonfuls 4 Ounce Glass Big Batch Review (Pack of 12)

Sage Spoonfuls 4 Ounce Glass Big Batch Review (Pack of 12)
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With the Sage Spoonfuls 4 Ounce Glass Big Batch Set, you will be able to save a lot of time and money. It is a convenient set that allows you to buy food in bulk and cook it all knowing that it will be well preserved.

This baby food storage container set is also versatile and perfect for warming, storing, and serving homemade baby food. Plus it is handy when you are on-the-go and need to carry baby food or healthy snacks.

Besides, the set contains leak-proof glass jars, and this makes it easy to carry liquid and soups. It is also microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe to promote convenience.

The Sage Spoonfuls 4 Ounce Big Batch contains 12 glass jars to make sure you have more than enough places to store homemade baby food such as breast milk, yogurt, snacks, and powdered formula, among others.

3. OXO 2 Ounce Baby Blocks Storage Containers Review (Green)

OXO 2 Ounce Baby Blocks Storage Containers Review (Green)
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OXO was established several years back when the baby boom period had just begun. Today, the company is one of the best manufacturers across the globe. It produces quality baby products that have helped make the life of parents much easier.

One of their products is the OXO 2 Ounce Baby Blocks Storage Container Set, which includes 6 storage containers. Made with versatility in mind, these containers are perfect for storing, portioning, warming, freezing, and serving baby food.

They also have an airtight, leak-proof, and watertight seal that prevents them from spilling liquid and soups. Besides, the seal makes these containers perfect for moms by keeping other baby stuff as clean as they were.

OXO Baby Blocks Storage Containers have clear lids and body that make it easy to identify what’s inside. They are made of polypropylene material, which is free of PVC, phthalate, and BPA.

2. Munchkin Blue/Green Snack Catcher Review (2 Piece)

Munchkin Blue/Green Snack Catcher Review (2 Piece)
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The Munchkin Blue/Green Snack Catcher is ideal for kids aged at least 12 months. It is a complete set that contains 2 pieces to make storing your baby’s food a cinch.

In addition, Munchkin has conveniently designed each piece to make it easy for toddlers to feed independently without leaving crumbs all over the place.

These 2 baby food storage containers offer a win-win situation for both the toddler (who will be satisfied at the end of everything) and the mom who will have somewhat little crumbs to clean.

These storage containers also have spill-proof lids that allow you to carry food for your baby with confidence knowing that it will not spill and create a mess.

Each of the two cups has two handles that are easy to grasp even by the littlest hands. The non-slip rubber bottom helps keep these 2 cups in place on the dinner table.

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1. Munchkin 3 Count Stay Put Suction Bowl Review

Munchkin 3 Count Stay Put Suction Bowl Review
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Munchkin is a creative company that makes innovative products like the Munchkin 3 Count Stay Put Suction Bowl. Unlike ordinary baby food storage containers, the Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl Set features a suction base that helps keep all the 3 bowls in place.

By so doing, they help minimize messes, especially in the event the baby decides to turn the bowls upside down. In addition, the set includes 3 bowls to allow you to serve different kinds of meals that will satisfy the baby.

The suction base is permanently attached to all the 3 bowls, and, therefore, do not expect to lose it. Munchkin believes that feeding your kid should be fun and not a stressful activity where you are on toes waiting to rush towards a flying bowl of cheese and macaroni. That’s why they have produced these super handy feeding containers.


Baby food storage containers not only promote convenience but also will help you save a few bucks at the end of the month. They will allow you to buy food in bulk knowing that you have a place to keep them. They will also encourage you to make healthy homemade meals for your little one, which in turn, promotes better growth and development. You should be already on Amazon looking for a suitable one.

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