Top 10 Best Portable Tire Inflators of 2021

Having a flat tire when on the road is something any driver dislikes. This is where tire inflators come in. They will rescue you from frustration in case you find yourself in a dire situation. You need a portable inflator for that matter, so you can carry it wherever you go. Now, shopping becomes easier when you have an idea about the kind of inflator to buy. In that regard, here is a review of best portable tire inflators.

1. AstroAl Digital Inflator

AstroAl Digital Inflator Check price on Amazon

You will enjoy accurate measurements when using this inflator gauge. It gives your tire the right amount of air it needs to run smoothly. The screen resolution is clear, thus no eyestrain or misreading units. AstroAl lasts thanks to its strong construction consisting of high quality stainless steel and brass. You can use this tool on any type of vehicle and even bicycle and motorcycle. With a well inflated tire, you can be sure of safe journeys. The inflator auto shuts after 20seconds thus preserving battery power. There is an air-bleeder that helps release excess air from overinflate tires.

2. EPAuto Tire Inflator

EPAuto Tire Inflator Check price on Amazon

As one of the best portable tire inflators, this brand has several things to offer. Using it is as simple as plugging it into your vehicle socket. It is also versatile since it is usable in almost all vehicles except truck, LT, and HT. Reading units is an easy thing to do, as the display is crisp. You will appreciate the LED flashlight. To add to the user-friendliness of EPAuto, there is an automatic shut off feature that prevents overinflating tires. The overheat protection is also helpful.

3. LifeLine AAA Air Compressor

LifeLine AAA Air Compressor Check price on Amazon

You need less than 10minutes to inflate your car tire using LifeLine. Why buy a slower product? It has three nozzle adapters for quick inflation. With an inbuilt pressure gauge, this is an item worth your money. Its power cord has a cigarette plug so you can use your cigarette lighter socket to fill your tire. The hose connects quickly saving you time and increasing convenience.

4. Helteko Tire Inflator

Helteko Tire Inflator Check price on Amazon

This is yet another digital tire inflator that works perfectly for vehicles, bicycles and motorcycle included. The high quality ABS plastic and stainless steel used to make the inflator ensures long-tern use. Auto shut off aspect ensures no overinflating of tires, which can be hazardous when on the road. Enjoy the LCD display that ensures you have the right values. The compact, lightweight, small size design of Helteko attracts many users. Do not worry about darkness. Employ the LED light on the pump and you are good to go. You will take a maximum of five minutes inflating a standard tire.

5. Fortem Car Inflator

Fortem Car Inflator Check price on Amazon

Like any other brand in the review of best portable tire inflators, Fortem is easy to use. All you do is plug it, switch it on and let your tire inflate in no time. It is heavy duty to ensure it lasts longer. The multiple nozzle spots make it usable for all vehicles and bikes; even toys. The LED flashlight ensures you have the light you need in case of anything. Store your device in the carry case for safety purposes and transportation. Materials entailed in the construction of this product are sturdy, durable and light.

6. Viair Air Compressor

Viair Air Compressor Check price on Amazon

To operate this air inflator, your engine has to be on. Powering it entails using alligator clamps and connecting them to your car battery. Any tire of up to 33inches is good to go with Viair. The LED power indicator lets you if power is on. Using the 10feet power and three-piece inflation tip makes your maneuverability a lot easier.

7. Black &Decker Inflator

Black &Decker Inflator Check price on Amazon

Black & Decker is the credible brand in DIY appliances industry. Its inflator is suitable for vehicles, bikes and sports balls. It works quickly, is compact and small for easier transportation and saving storage space. The product has an air dial that shuts off when your tire reaches the required pressure. It features two nozzles standard and extension. The needle inflator is an added advantage.

8. EPAuto Inflatour 2018 Model

EPAuto Inflatour 2018 Model Check price on Amazon

The difference between this EPAuto model and the previous one is the type of vehicles it can work on. It is a newer model too. Use it for occasional tasks on your sedan, SUV, and car, but not your HT, LT, and truck. There are three display units. Auto shut off prevents over inflation.

9. PI Auto Store Inflator

PI Auto Store Inflator Check price on Amazon

As one of the best portable tire inflators, PI is a powerful tool that takes three minutes to fill a tire. It is easy to start and runs quietly. Over-inflation is no longer a problem due to the auto shut feature. It also has a robust construction and is great for a variety of vehicles apart from trucks. Enjoy three settings normal flashlight, emergency and flashing red.

10. Slime Heavy Duty Inflator

 Slime Heavy Duty Inflator Check price on Amazon

Elegance is what Slime speaks of. It takes two minutes to inflate a tire considering the dual cylinder mechanism. Connect it to the battery directly for powerful inflation. The dial gauge on the hose promotes accuracy. Enjoy the LED light and 30 foot reach at all times.


Inflating tires has never been better unless you have the right inflator products. Now that you have a review of top best portable tire inflators, you are good to go. Buy one or two of the above inflators. They will be helpful in case of emergencies on the road.

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