Top 10 Best Vintage Vanity Tables [2023

Every woman desires to look good and they are ready to spend a lot of cash to achieve this. The application of makeup makes an integral aspect of a woman’s grooming.

Well, to achieve a nicely done makeup, you’ll need a good mirror with proper lighting. And nothing offers all this better than the best vintage vanity table.

It is specially designed to help women do makeup and keep all their makeup items, jewelry, and hair supplies well organized. Vintage vanity tables are designed with all matters makeup.

As such, they come with padded stools that will keep you comfortably seated throughout your makeup time.

Today, there are so many vintage vanity tables on the market that choosing one can be quite daunting. However, to get the best brand, you need to consider such things as your budget; how durable the unit is; if it will blend with your interior décor, and if the number of compartments and drawers will suit your needs.

To help you have a rough idea of what the market looks like in terms of vintage vanity tables, we bring you the following top 10 best reviews.

The compilation contains different vanity tables with a wide range of designs and from various manufacturers. For this reason, we believe that it will help you take home the right table set.

10. SONGMICS Vanity Table Set Review (URDT06Z)

10. SONGMICS Vanity Table Set (URDT06Z)
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The durable and solid construction of the SONGMICS Vanity Table Set (URDT06Z) means it would last well over time. It has 2 makeup brush holders and 7 drawers to help you keep and organize all your makeup and jewelry.

There are 3-panel mirrors that will provide you with the full view of yourself while dressing up. Similarly, there are hooks behind each side mirror that will come in handy for hanging your necklaces.

What’s more, this unit is easy to assemble because it comes partially assembled and you’ll only have to attach the legs and the mirror. It also boasts a classy and beautiful craftsmanship; hence, it will make a good present for your beloved wife, sister or daughter, should you buy it as a gift.

9. BEWISHOME Vanity Set Review (FST01W)

9. BEWISHOME Vanity Set (FST01W)
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The BEWISHOME Vanity Set (FST01W) is designed to provide you with lots of storage spaces. As such, it boasts 3 compartments, 5 drawers, and 2 DIY dividers that will help you organize your cosmetics, air accessories, and perfumes.

It comes with a cushioned seat to provide you with a comfortable place to do your hair and makeup. Constructed with solid wooden table; 100% polyester seat cover, and E1-grade MDF, this vanity set is sturdy and durable.

It has a removable mirror, so that the makeup table could be used as a desk for laptop, writing, or studying. In addition, this set is easy to assemble; all you have to do is attach the legs to the stool and table and then attach the mirror as well. Plus, all parts and instructions are included for the same.

8. Roundhill Furniture Vanity Table Set Review

8. Roundhill Furniture Vanity Table Set
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There is no better way to glam up your bedroom than to add the Roundhill Furniture Vanity Table Set.

It includes a matching wooden stool with cushioned upholstered seat to give you a comfortable surface when doing your makeup. The stylish table comes with a mirror and 5 storage drawers that will help you keep and organize your essential makeup items.

The mirror is adjustable, so it can swing and stay in position depending on your makeup needs. The table top is smooth and spacious to give you adequate room for keeping cosmetics and beauty supplies. Besides, this vanity table and tool sets are color white; therefore, expect it to match any interior décor.

It also has a beautiful finish and good fit. Well, other people may find it too plain but you can always decorate it to meet your needs.

7. SONGMICS Vanity Set Review (URDT108M)

7. SONGMICS Vanity Set (URDT108M)
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Organize your makeup and beautify your room with the SONGMICS Vanity Set (URDT108M).

It is equipped with a 180º folding mirror and a center mirror that will help you view your hair or face from any angle you desire. The table is large enough and includes 5 drawers that will help you organize and keep all your makeup.

Plus it is well made with smooth table surface finish. It also has an anti-bump design on feet to help protect your floor from scratching. Similarly, this set features vintage handles that will match any interior décor.

For added convenience, it includes a well-made stool that is not only comfortable but also sturdy and seems like it could last a very long time.

6. Polar Aurora Vintage Table Set Review

6. Polar Aurora Vintage Table Set
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Made of MDF panel, the Polar Aurora Vintage Table Set is sturdy and durable. It is equipped with 5 drawers to provide you with adequate space for storing your makeup, jewelry, and ornaments.

The drawers have beautifully crafted handles that, in addition to helping you put the drawer in and out, will blend perfectly with your décor. This vintage table set makes an absolutely perfect choice for any home; thanks to its thought-out traditional design.

It has a trifold mirror that will give you a wide mirror area suitable for a clear view while doing makeup or your hair. The set includes a matching cushioned stool that will give you a comfortable surface for doing makeup. Besides, it is easy to assemble, considering that it comes with hardware.

5. BOBKONA Croix Collection Vanity Set Review

5. BOBKONA Croix Collection Vanity Set
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When you buy the BOBKONA Croix Collection Vanity Set, you’ll receive a total of 1 desk and 1 stool. The stool is cushioned to ensure that you have a comfortable surface to sit on while doing makeup.

The table, on the other hand, includes 5 spaces that will enable you to keep an array of jewelry, cosmetics, and beauty supplies. The materials used to make this table and stool set are high-quality wood and fabric that will ensure this unit delivers prolonged use over time.

The mirror attached has movable extensions, so you can adjust it as you please to achieve the correct image. Additionally, this unit sets up easily with some simple steps required; all hardware and instructions are included for the same.

4. BEWISHOME Vanity Set Review (FST03N)

4. BEWISHOME Vanity Set (FST03N)
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The BEWISHOME Vanity Set (FST03N) is simple yet functional and elegant; hence, will make a great addition to your bedroom. It is equipped with lots of storage spaces such as 5 drawers, 2 DIY dividers, and a desktop organizer with 6 compartments.

These will give you enough space to organize and keep all your jewelry and makeup. The set has one large mirror with 2 adjustable mirrors to enable you to see your entire face while doing makeup.

This vintage vanity table is also versatile such that if you remove the mirrors, you are left with a desk for writing, studying or placing a laptop. Moreover, it sets up easily, considering that the manufacturer provides the necessary hardware.

3. Best Choice Products Vanity Table Review

3. Best Choice Products Vanity Table
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For a vintage vanity table that fits perfectly in small spaces, consider the Best Choice Products Vanity Table.

The beautifully crafted table includes a complementary matching stool with a cushioned seat. Well, this will give you a comfy place to sit on while you are doing your makeup. Similarly, the set features an adjustable oval mirror that you can use either while you are seated or standing.

This table set also offers plenty of storage for hair supplies, jewelry, and makeup; thanks to the 5 accessible drawers. Plus it is easy to put together and comes with all hardware and instructions for the same.

It is colored black to ensure that it will blend in perfectly with your existing interior décor.

2. Mecor Makeup Table Set Review

2. Mecor Makeup Table Set
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Consisting of 7 storage drawers, the Mecor Makeup Table Set will give you enough space to keep and organize all your makeup, jewelry, and hair supplies.

The drawers are equipped with beautifully flowered handles to enable you to slide the drawers in and out easily. This unit is made using hardwood plus MDF for extra durability. Likewise, the legs are wooden to ensure proper support and prolonged use.

At the top of the table is an adjustable mirror that can spin 360º to offer maximum view. Plus you can detach the mirror in order to use the table as a regular reading or studying table. This unit is made with easy assembly in mind to enable everyone, including girls, to set it up on their own.

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1. Blongang Vanity Set Review

1. Blongang Vanity Set
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This is a multipurpose vanity set that features a thoughtful design.

The big trifold mirrors, for instance, ensure you get a complete view of yourself in any angle. While if you remove the mirrors, this table set can be used as a study or writing table.

This set includes a comfortable and strong stool that can accommodate up to 250lbs of weight. Also, it is designed with easy assembly in mind; thus, it comes partially assembled.

This unit has an elegant design with a simple ivory white color that will blend seamlessly with any décor. However, should you find it too dull; you can decorate it with a few flowers or pictures since the tabletop is large enough.


The right vintage vanity table will not only help you do your makeup right but also is a good investment. The above units are well-designed and constructed. They can, therefore, be used in many areas including the bathroom and bedroom.

To help you make an informed purchase, we have brought the above compilation. And we hope that you have found it helpful.

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