Top 10 Best Shoe Deodorizer Spray [2023

Many people struggle with shoe odors. The smell is worse when the weather is hot. Sweating contributes to smelly feet and shoes. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing especially in public places that require you to remove shoes, for instance, yoga studios.

For this reason, there are many manufacturers providing shoe deodorizers for people with odor problems. The products eradicate bad smell and destroy bacteria and fungi causing it.

This means no more stinky shoes or feet but fresh rejuvenated feet. Well, the market is flooded with deodorizers. However, it is crucial to buy only the best shoe deodorizer spray. Below is a review of products to consider buying.

1. Lumi Outdoors Shoe Deodorizer

1. Lumi Outdoors Shoe Deodorizer Check price on Amazon

Lumi is a natural shoe deodorizer whose components include peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree. You realize the three ingredients are essential oils making this product worth your while.

It is efficient at eliminating shoe odor and killing bacteria thus preventing foot problems such as athlete’s feet. This product overpowers the strongest shoe odors.

It is usable on all kinds of shoes. Lumi is for not only shoes and feet but also the bathroom, athlete wear, and backpacks.

Feature Products

• Antifungal and antibacterial
• Essential oil components(organic)
• It is extra strong
• Contains preservative that is paraben-free
• All natural ingredients

2. Doctorcareplus Shoe and Foot Deodorizer

2. Doctorcareplus Shoe and Foot Deodorizer Check price on Amazon

Doctorcareplus is on the list of the best shoe deodorizer spray for a reason. Like Lumi, it is all-natural and incorporates peppermint and tea tree.

It eradicates bacteria leaving your feet and shoes fresh and healthy. Its scent is strong enough to handle the toughest odors.

However, it is gentle thus suitable for those with sensitive skin type. Using the deodorizer can never be easier. You can spray t directly on shoes or feet.

Feature Products

• Comes in a 120ml bottle
• Powerful performance
• Chemical-free ingredients
• Suits all skin types and shoes

3. FineVine Shoe Deodorizer

3. FineVine Shoe Deodorizer Check price on Amazon

FineVine promises users lasting shoe freshness. It helps with sweat and stinking shoes. The brand eliminates bad smells reassuring your feet of a fresh smell.

This spray also moisturizers your skin preventing dry foot skin. The bottle is easy to hold offering you comfort and ease of use. All you do is spray your shoes, wait for few minutes and wear them.

You will appreciate the safe composition of this product. It lacks toxins, paraben, additives and other chemicals.

Feature Products

• All natural product
• Reduces sweat in shoes
• Effective shoe odor eliminator
• Appropriate for all shoe types

4. Elite Sportz Equipment Deodorizer

4. Elite Sportz Equipment Deodorizer Check price on Amazon

Elite functions as both a shoe freshener and foot spray just like any other best shoe deodorizer spray. It also has moisturizing and bacteria-killing properties.

If you have dry or cracked feet, you will feel a soothing icy sensation when you spray Elite on your feet. It hydrates skin offering a cooling effect. Its components are high standard and humane.

Feature Products

• 100% natural
• Comes in a 4oz bottle
• Contains 11herbs and 7 essential oils
• Non-toxic and paraben-free

5. Gold Mountain Beauty Deodorizer

5. Gold Mountain Beauty Deodorizer Check price on Amazon

If you struggling with athlete’s foot, it is time to try the best shoe deodorizer spray such as Gold Mountain. It is great for people and pets.

This brand boasts of using the purest components to manufacture highly effective shoe spray. Its peppermint scent is irresistible. Make sure you use it daily for fresh, odorless shoes and feet. A bottle lasts for a while.

Feature Products

• Tough scent
• Natural and antibacterial
• Uses plant-based ingredients
• Toxin-free

6. Rocket Pure Shoe Deodorant

6. Rocket Pure Shoe Deodorant Check price on Amazon

When foot powders, insoles or sneaker balls are not working for you, perhaps shoe deodorizers could help. Rocket Pure is usable on all types of shoes to help eliminate odors.

It comes with a strong, powerful scent that is gentle on any skin. Its composition includes cedarwood, tea tree, and rosemary.

Remember to shake the bottle well before spraying. Foot bacteria will no longer be a problem. Make sure you apply the spray on clean shoes.

Feature Products

• 120ml bottle
• Does not contain harsh chemicals
• GMO, chemical and paraben free
• Easy to use

7. Dr.Scholl’s Odor Destroy Spray

7. Dr.Scholl’s Odor Destroy Spray Check price on Amazon

As one of the best shoe deodorizer spray, Dr.Scholl’s is a dual-action formula with impressive outcomes. It destroys odor quickly ensuring fresh-smelling sneakers and feet.

The spray works well on sports gear. An excellent shoe deodorizer should kill athlete foot causing bacteria. This brand prevents it from occurring if used on a daily basis. It also eliminates sweat, which causes smelly shoes.

Feature Products

• It has an elegant design
• Easy to use
• Comfortable in hands
• It is long-lasting

8. The Body Shop Foot Spray

8. The Body Shop Foot Spray Check price on Amazon

Whenever you use Body Shop foot spray, you will experience a spectacular cooling sensation. You do not have worry about hot temperatures or summers anymore.

Your hot feet are good to go with the spray. The peppermint scent ensures your feet and shoes smell great. No more embarrassing moments after removing shoes wherever you are.

The other ingredient is menthol, which offers extra cooling while grape extract makes your skin smooth and exfoliates it.

Feature Products

• Has an immediate effect
• It is appropriate for any skin type
• An elegant design
• It is ergonomic for comfort and safety
• Available in a lasting quantity

9. Sprayzee Shoe Deodorizer

9. Sprayzee Shoe Deodorizer Check price on Amazon

Sprayzee has admirable features that make it an example of the best shoe deodorizer spray. For starters, it has eight powerful oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, and apple cider vinegar.

Such ingredients give it a strong scent to beat shoe odors. The spray kills fungi and bacteria that cause bad smells and athlete’s foot. It does a better job than insoles and powders.

The product is versatile, as it is usable on shoes, fabrics, bathroom, gym equipment, and for pet odor.

Feature Products

• Powerful shoe spray
• Extra strength formulation
• Antifungal and antibacterial
• All natural and safe
• Paraben, chemical, and aluminum-free
• Smells fantastic

10. Kroning Signature Shoe Spray

10. Kroning Signature Shoe Spray Check price on Amazon

Kroning comes in a sleek black bottle. It works by masking the bad smell and destroying its source. Like many other best shoe deodorizer sprays, it incorporates natural ingredients, thus safe even for children’s feet.

It will not damage your shoes, clothes or socks nor harm your feet. Its moisturizing capabilities help with dry or cracked skin making it smooth.

Feature Products

• 4oz bottle
• Maximum strength spray
• Supports antifungal treatment
• Hydrates and soothes the skin


Shoe deodorizers are helpful. They prevent smelly feet, which affects the people around you. Products in the review are all-natural and contain essential oils.

They are chemical-free and safe for you. Invest in high quality, powerful shoe deodorizer that can mask odors and prevent athlete’s foot.

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