Top 10 Best RV Roof Sealants of 2021

As you plan your next trip, you may need your recreational vehicle (RV). Before leaving, ensure it is in good shape. Apart from cleaning the vehicle, repairing or replacing broken parts and replenishing your supplies, you need to take care of your RV’s roof. One of the damages you might have noticed is separations, whether big or small. Whichever case, you will need a roof sealant. The market has many brands but always go for the best RV roof sealant. Here is a review to help you choose the best product.

1. Heng’s Roof Coating for Rubber Roof Review

Heng’s Roof Coating for Rubber Roof Review Check price on Amazon

In your search for the best RV roof sealant, keep in mind Heng’s brand. It is efficient at covering tears and seams on any rubber roof. This highly flexible product contracts and relaxes to protect you from leaks and harsh sunshine, and prevents damage to your vehicle. It is made from non-toxic material thus safe for your health. Besides, the sealant is good at standing impact and does not crack. You will get value for your money. Its gallon size is perfect for long-term use.

Top Features

  • Efficient and UV resistant
  • High quality and durable
  • Has an appropriate size
  • Made from non-polluting materials

2. Proguard Liquid Roof Sealant Review

Proguard Liquid Roof Sealant Review Check price on Amazon

Like the previous product, Proguard also comes in gallon size. The form of the sealant is liquid rubber. If you have a white RV roof, this would be a perfect coating. About application, you only need a single coat and you are good to go. The coating will stay intact for a while before your RV needs another layer of Proguard. This means there will be little roof maintenance.

Top Features

  • Easy to use
  • Does not crack or peel
  • Lasts longer
  • Effective and cost saving over time

3. Dicor White Rubber Roof Sealant Review

Dicor White Rubber Roof Sealant Review Check price on Amazon

As one of the best RV roof sealants, Dicor boasts of an elegant can that you can easily identify when you see it. Once you get this rubber sealant, all that remains is applying it to your vehicle roof. When using this brand, one coat is not enough. You will need two coats. The product works well in any kind of weather, rain or sunshine. Its cleaner or activator will help with perfect adhesion. Removing the coating is not a big deal.

Top Features

  • Easy to apply
  • One gallon covers 15square feet surface
  • Convenient packaging
  • UV resistant

4. Kst Coatings Sealant Review

Kst Coatings Sealant Review Check price on Amazon

Are you looking for an RV sealant that has no issues with algae and mildew? Well, Kst is what you need. It is also able to stay wherever you apply it no matter how or high the temperature is. To add on its efficiency, it expands or contracts when need be. Do not worry about the sun’s UV rays. This brand reflects over 90% of it. Anything in your RV will be safe from damage. Kst Coatings’ sealant absorbs sound. This helps a lot with improving sleep, especially at night.

Top Features

  • Weatherproof
  • Algae and mildew resistant
  •  It is environment-friendly
  • Durable in whatever climate

5. Geocel 24200 Roof Sealant Review

Geocel 24200 Roof Sealant Review Check price on Amazon

Geocel is not fit for every vehicle type. Compatibility is crucial for that matter. The best thing to do would be contacting the manufacturer for clarification. Use a brush to apply the coating. When it is wet or icy, this sealant has you covered, as such weather does not ruin it. It does not mind the condition of your roof as well be it damp, a little oily or frozen. Its expansion and contraction is excellent; joint movements or adverse weather does not affect it. If you feel the coating is not in good shape after a while, you can add another layer of Geocel (reseal).

Top Features

  • Has superior flexibility
  • It is highly adhesive
  • UV and mildew resistant
  • Easy to clean up

6. Dicor Metal Roof Coating Review

Dicor Metal Roof Coating Review Check price on Amazon

Dicor appearing twice on the list of best RV roof sealant means it is a worthwhile purchase. However, this brand is suitable for metal (such as steel and aluminum) and fiberglass roofs. You can use it on a roof that is already coated for extra protection. Dicor offers roofs an amazing white finish. The white color is perfect for reflections thus ensuring the interior of your RV is as cool as possible. The 100% resin composition is responsible for the rubber-like coating this sealant provides. You will need two coatings though. When it comes to cleaning, all you need is soapy water.

Top Features

  • Simple to apply
  • Easy to remove
  • Elegant and promises high performance
  • Not for rubber and TPO roofs
  • One gallon coats 80square feet

7. Liquid Roof Liquid Sealant Review

Liquid Roof Liquid Sealant Review Check price on Amazon

This product is available in a 5-gallon pail, thus has more quantity than the previous brands. It is great for many roof types except asphalt. Do not worry about rainwater whether it is stationary or ponding on your RV roof. The sealant can stand it. Freezing weather causes Liquid Roof no harm. About the number of coats, you will use only one. If you intend to coat an alpha rubber roof, use the ProFlex primer before applying the liquid sealant. It acts as a barrier between two incompatible rubbers.

Top Features

  • Ozone and UV resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Has effective flexibility
  • Does not shrink or chalk

8. Dehco 1-Gallon Roof Coating Review

Dehco 1-Gallon Roof Coating Review Check price on Amazon

Dehco works great for rubber roofs, seams, and tears. Use it to seal air conditioners, vents and the like. It has a high adhesion capability on rubber roofs. Whether your roof is contracting or expanding, this sealant does the same giving you the protection you need to be comfortable in your RV. The brand stands impact well, preventing damage. The last thing you need is a leaking roof when you just repaired it. Use high standard products such as Dehco for a stress-free experience when on the move.

Top Features

  • It is durable and UV resistant
  • Does not crack
  • Absorbs shock
  • Leaves a white elegant look
  • Does not cause pollution/non-toxic

9. Anvil&Coatings’ Roof Coating Review

Anvil&Coatings’ Roof Coating Review Check price on Amazon

If you have a painted aluminum or galvanized RV roof, Anvil would be the best sealant for you. You can also use it on tears and seams. That small hole on your RV’s roof is a hazard. Therefore, use Anvil, which has fibers to cover the smallest separations on surfaces. Being white, this brand will reflect rays thus lowering temperatures in the interior of the vehicle. Hail and rain is not a problem for this sealant. Its noise insulation is excellent when you need some quiet alone.

Top Features

  • Has high adhesion
  • More longevity
  • Reduces air conditioning expenses
  • Does not get corroded
  • Provides an attractive white appearance

10. Kst Coatings 5-Gallon Roof Coating Review

 Kst Coatings 5-Gallon Roof Coating Review Check price on Amazon

If you like Kst products, well, here is another one. It has more capacity than the previous Kst item. Now, tis brand sticks in place in any temperature, too low, too hot or in between. Keep way moisture from your RV with this product. If you worry about algae growth and mildew, this product takes care of that. Besides, its contraction and expansion goes hand in hand with that of the roof.

Top Features

  • Safe for environment
  • Absorbs sound
  • Mildew resistant
  • All weather sealant
  • Durable


From the review of 10 best RV roof sealants, you know the products to consider when shopping. Some of the factors to keep in mind include quality, adhesion, durability, amount of sealant you need and the type of roof the sealants suit. This way, you are able to buy the appropriate item.

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