Top 6 Best Outdoor Pedestal Fans [2023 Reviews

Sometimes, especially in summer, temperature levels tend to be high. And this makes it really uncomfortable to stay indoors or even outdoors. Well, there are numerous ways to keep the temperature in your place under control, but most of them always consume a lot of energy. You will, therefore, be forced to part with extra cash. Luckily, that should not be the case if you decide to bring home a pedestal fan. Affordable, elegant, and high-performing, a pedestal fan is a perfect addition to any modern outdoor décor. Have a look at these 6 best outdoor pedestal fans for a great buying experience.

6. Comfort Zone Pedestal Fan Review (CZST161BTE)

Comfort Zone Pedestal Fan Review (CZST161BTE)
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Comfort Zone produces top quality humidifiers, heaters, and fans. Well, the manufacturer has steadily grown over the past 10 years and most customers really value its products. One of these products is the Comfort Zone CZST161BTE model, which is taking everyone by storm. It is a trusted brand that meets stringent quality standards like NOM, CSA, UL, SAA, ETL, and CE. With it, you will get the deserved comfort when you are relaxing outdoors.


  • Quick folding base: It comes pre-assembled and helps promote convenience.
  • 3 speeds: They allow you to choose the desired speed for customized comfort.
  • White color: It perfectly blends with the existing modern décor.
  • Adjustable height and tilt: Allow you to direct the fan where you want to experience cool air.

5. Rowenta 4-Speed Stand Fan Review (VU5551)

Rowenta 4-Speed Stand Fan Review (VU5551)
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Move air up to 1695 cubic feet in a minute with the Rowenta 4-Speed Stand Fan. It brings in immediate and intense cool air for maximum enjoyment. Best of all, it is sturdy and reliable. Plus it comes loaded with several features that make it a top performer. The Rowenta VU5551 also boasts a sleek, unique design. And it is a must-have for anyone who values optimum comfort.


  • Adjustable height: It can be adjusted from 42 – 54 inches to ensure customized comfort.
  • Oscillating 5-blade fan head: It rotates 90 degrees in all directions to promote maximum comfort.
  • Remote Control: It allows you to quickly adjust the speed settings.
  • Stable base: It offers reliable support to the fan and its components.
  • Built-in handle: It allows for easy transport from room to room.
  • Sleek bronze finish: Makes the fan a perfect addition to any contemporary styling.

4. Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fan Review (HS-1655)

Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fan Review (HS-1655)
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In the market for a powerful but quiet pedestal fan? Here is one that will satisfy all of your needs. The Honeywell HS-1655 model has everything you have been looking for in a fan. And it is designed to outplay competitors; something it surely does.
Moreover, it will keep air in your room cool without making much noise.
Honeywell knows what you want and it gives you just that.


  • User manual: It provides a guideline on how to operate the fan.
  • 1-year limited warranty: It protects against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship for 1 year from the day of purchase.
  • Adjustable height: It allows you to effortlessly set the fan at the right height for optimum comfort.
  • Shut-off timer: The fan shuts off automatically after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours, depending on the settings.

3. FS40-8JCA 3 Speed Stand Fan Review

FS40-8JCA 3 Speed Stand Fan Review
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FS40-8JCA wants you to experience maximum comfort when you are at home. And that’s why they are pleased to introduce the FS40-8JCA 3 Speed Stand Fan. It is affordable and high quality; hence, will be a great purchase for you. In addition, the fan is sturdy enough to withstand everyday rigorous use in hot places. You don’t need to spend much in order to get a premium quality stand fan; not when this unit is on the market.


  • Adjustable height: It allows you to adjust the fan to a desirable level for optimum cooling experience.
  • 3 speeds: They let you choose a preferred speed for unrivaled comfort.
  • White finish: It will seamlessly blend with your modern décor.
  • Oscillating performance: It ensures full air circulation.
  • Round base: It provides steady support to the fan and its components.

2. Vornado 683 Pedestal Fan Review

Vornado 683 Pedestal Fan Review
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Are you uncomfortable in your living space because of high temperatures? Then bring in the much-needed comfort! And all you need to achieve this is the Vornado 683 Pedestal Fan. It is a powerful, highly functional fan that moves air up to 75 feet to promote unreachable comfort. Ideally, the fan is easy to assemble with no tools required.


  • 5-year satisfaction guarantee: It allows for worry-free buying experience.
  • Tilt head: It can be tilted in any direction for maximum airflow.
  • Adjustable height: It can be adjusted from 32 – 38 inches to improve results.
  • 3-speed control: It lets you set the speed quickly and easily.
  • Deep-pitched blades: They move air up to 75 feet.
  • Vornado signature vortex action: It enables the fan to circulate air in the entire room.

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1. Lasko 18-Inch Black Pedestal Fan Review (1827)

Lasko 18-Inch Black Pedestal Fan Review (1827)
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Lasko has done it again! And this time they are more than happy to introduce to you the Lasko 1827 model. Well, the fan is ETL-listed to make sure you use it with ultimate confidence knowing that it is an approved and trusted product. It is also easy to assemble and you will not need any tools to achieve this. If you value elegance and performance, then this is the product for you.


  • 18-inch adjustable height: It will make sure you experience maximum comfort.
  • 3 speeds: They are energy efficient; hence, will help you reduce costs.
  • Elegant grill design: Makes the fan a great addition to your living space.
  • Wide oscillation: Allows the fan to move air in the entire room.
  • Tilt back feature: It directs air where it’s needed.
  • Black finish: Enables the unit to perfectly blend with the existing fixtures.


It is not just indoors that get uncomfortably hot; the outdoor environment can also have elevated temperatures. That’s why some manufacturers have come up with outdoor pedestal fans to make sure you experience cool air anywhere you are. Most of these units are within an affordable range yet they work perfectly for optimum satisfaction. If you are here to look for one, we say, you are at the right place. Therefore, waste no more time and go through the above compilation.

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