6 Best Large Mouse Pads For Gaming Reviews in 2017

In order to experience better ergonomics and a high speed while playing with your mouse, you need to employ the use of a perfect large mouse pad. This will ensure that your mouse flows smoothly and that the sensor eye remains in tacked and free from damages. In that case, the best large mouse pads for gaming reviews will give you a perfect selection of what you are expected to encounter in the market.

It, therefore, remains your option to make the right choice and avoid regrets related to the same products. In order to make sure that you get the best mouse pads from the market, you have to consider the following;

•  Observe the table surface

For instance, a wooden table will work better with most of the mouse pads. They will remain adhered to the surface without any movements. However, when you are using a glass table, you will need to have a mouse pad whose surface is made of rubber.

It will help to create an articulation mechanism where the rubber pad will not move while using your mouse. The other pads might not work well with this glass table.

•  Have the right mouse pad for your mouse

You should ensure that when making any purchase, you choose the best mouse pad for your mouse. For instance, an optical sensor mouse will work best in cloth and smooth surface. On the other hand, a laser sensor mouse will work best in hard mouse pads. However, since the gaming mice are laser oriented, you should ensure you purchase a hard mouse pad.

•  Size of the mouse pad matters a lot

Most people will consider using medium sized mouse pad whereas some will prefer the large ones. Most of the experienced gamers prefer using the large mouse pads for a bigger surface area for the movement of the mice. However, you should also ensure that you observe the size of your table surface.

•  Ease of cleaning

Apart from keeping the physical factors, you also need to make sure that the pad is easily cleaned. For that case, you should ensure that the material is compatible with water and that there are no probable shortcomings related to washing.

6. ASUS ROG Gaming Mouse Pad Sheath, XL

 6. ASUS ROG Gaming Mouse Pad Sheath, XL

Are you looking for a gaming pad that offers more than enough surface to place your laptop, keyboard, and mouse? Well, ASUS ROG MOUSE pad is the best as it offers a surface area measuring 35.43 x 15.75 x 0.12inches. Premium construction ensures long run and long term use. Thanks to the non-slip ROG red rubber base increases durability and enhances full control of the game. Further, the edges are durably stitched to prevent fray even after many years of service. For all gaming mouse types, this pad works excellently without any hassles. Thanks to the ROG sheath that ensures smooth and accurate pixel- precise tracking.


• Top end built quality

• Smooth feature ensures fun and easy use

• ROG sheath offers precise mouse control for perfect gaming

• Easily cleaned using a damp rug

5. Novopal Hard- Gaming Mouse Pad

 5. Novopal Hard- Gaming Mouse Pad

If you are looking for a unique optimized surface to place your mouse during gaming, Novopal gaming mouse pad is the best. It is made of hard steel plate with an excellent textured surface. This unique cover offers no- slip surface to ensure full control of the gaming commands. This beautiful texture also increases motion capture speeds by 25 percent to make sure that you obtain the target promptly.

Another exceptional feature that sets this gaming pad is the cute and customized RGB backlit. It creates an appealing atmosphere to achieve the highest degree of style and harmony when playing any game. Also, this product is comfortable and convenient operating as it is powered by USB plug and there’s is no drivers or software needed. Besides, there is quality assurance and lifetime replacement warranty is great too.


• One touch control

• Incredibly large space

• Durable materials

• High-quality RGB backlight

4. Cmhoo XXL Extended & Extra Large Mouse Pad

 4. Cmhoo XXL Extended & Extra Large Mouse Pad

Another remarkable product in our mouse pad review, Cmhoo XXL takes the position. It features a large mouse pad design and measures 800mm by 400mm by 2mm. It is made to accommodate both the mouse and keyboard of various models. The sturdy and anti-fray rugged design ensures that it doesn’t fall apart no matter how rigorous you move the mouse.

Besides, the constructions feature sturdy stitching surrounds that enhances durability. But this sturdiness doesn’t alter the tracking performance and aiming precision. The pad remains ultra-smooth, thanks to the laser and optical technology applied by this product to ensure maximum performance. Regarding stability, this product has the best rubber material base which provides large grip that eliminates sliding and mouse pad movement.


• Looks great with a mechanical keyboard and mouse

• Prevents the movement of keyboard on the mouse mat

• Works for both even and uneven surface

• Stitched edges for durability

3. Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Anti-slip Rubber Base

 3. Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Pad, Extended Anti-slip Rubber Base

Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Pad is designed to offers an excellent tracking surface for your mouse. It boasts ultra-smooth surface, controllable and accurate. Besides, it has an extended surface with the whole area measuring 700mm by 300mm hence offers a sufficient area to cover keyboard, mouse and other necessary stuff.

Furthermore, using this gaming mouse pad protects your table from unwanted scratches that result from mouse movement. In addition, it offers a stable and soft surface. Thanks to the 2mm thickness and the anti-slip rubber surface. The top coating prevents damage by water because it is waterproof thereby preventing damage from spilled drinks too. Natural rubbers are healthy to the human body and hence safe to human body.


• Boasts elaborate edges ensures that the pad doesn’t fray

• 12 months product guarantee

• Professional technical support

• Perfect for both trackball and optical mouse

2. Reflex Lab Large XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat

 2. Reflex Lab Large XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat

This Reflex Lab Large mouse pad offers a plenty of room for pro style gaming. It is the best mouse pad to use if you want to become a hard core gamer without facing many hassles. It provides optimal surface and has less resistance than low rated mouse pads. By having an ultra-smooth surface, this pad ensures easiest mouse movements and reduces response time.

Ultra comfort is still a slogan for this mouse pad which has earned it an excellent reputation. No wonder, this product takes the second rank in our top six best mouse pads. It is 5mm thick which offers ultra-plush for professional gaming as well as working experience. As a matter of fact, this mouse ad is 60 percent thicker than regular mouse pads, and it weighs just 1.9 pounds. Moreover, the professional edge stitching and water proof design ensure long term service. It also gives you the freedom to the game while enjoying a beverage and you won’t fear of spillage. The professional stitching ensures that this pad is built to last and doesn’t fray like other regular mouse pads roaming the market today.


• Built quality

• Comfortable ultra-plush

• Anti-slip rubber backing

• Machine washable

• Great warranty

1. GLTECK Large Gaming Mouse Pad

 1. GLTECK Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Enjoy gaming with your mouse on GLTECK Large Gaming Mouse Pad, and you will feel the vibe. This mouse pad is an extra-large mouse pad, occupying the biggest area on your table surface to ensure that your game is played to perfection. In addition, this mouse pad is smooth with a relatively soft surface and therefore makes it ideal for both the laser and optical sensors. You gaming mouse will work to perfection with this mouse pad. Besides, this mouse pad is not slipping to ensure that your mouse action is maintained to perfection. It is also handed washable and can, therefore, wash it without any related shortcomings. Lastly, the mouse pad is made of a highly durable material which makes it perfect for all mice, no matter the type of the sensors.


• Extra-large mouse pad for a perfect fit

• The material is compatible with most mice

• Has a relatively soft surface for smooth gaming

• Can be easily washed

Basically, having the best mouse pad will give you a perfect gaming period. For that case, a selection of the above-reviewed mouse pads will work to perfection. You should make sure that your option is perfect and that you will not have to blame yourself afterward. A mouse pad may seem ideal for the first time, but, after severally washing it and using it regularly, you might notice some limitations. To avoid that, you should make sure that the purchased mouse pad is perfect for your table surface and that it also fits your mouse. Lastly, the mouse pad should be durable. Don’t focus on its price, as long as you are assured that it will last for an extended period. Just buy the best from the above-reviewed brands and all shall be a breeze.