Top 10 Best Kids Phone Watches in 2022 Reviews

While phone watches would be useful to teenagers and adults for many reasons, these devices are also great accessories for children. With a lot of features, they can provide educational and entertaining resources to help your little one develop.

For instance, a smartwatch enables kids to keep contact with friends or parents every day, connect with their mobile devices to listen to music, track their physical activities, and many other helpful things.

So if you are planning to purchase a phone watch for your kids on their birthday or Christmas, you need to make sure that the selected one is specially made for children. In fact, there are a few noticeable differences between phone watches for adults and kids. In case you are struggling to find out where to start your search, then the following list of top best kids’ phone watches can be a good resource. Let’s check it out and make an informed decision.

01. MeritSoar HD Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch G612

MeritSoar HD Touch Screen Kids Smart Watch G612 Check price on Amazon

The first product on this list is a modern and user-friendly smartwatch from MeritSoar. It comes with a free 1GB micro SD card, which can be used to store audio voices and selfie images. Your children would receive and make a call with friends and parents through a setlist of contact numbers.

In addition, it is possible to set the emergency function in some dangerous situations. Via a free app, parents would send a text and voice message to their children as well. Another great feature of this watch is that it is able to tract the levels of fitness, including calories and steps.

This smartwatch supports the 2G network for calls. For the tracker technology, it makes use of the LBS or location-based service. Depending on the distance, it can provide an approximate position often 0.5 miles off the reality. What’s more, kids could listen to the radio or musical tracks with the earphones. The unit is designed with a 1.55-inch HD touch screen that is user-friendly and intuitive. The overall design is sleek and stylish to make your children more confident.

02. Themoemoe 2G 3-12 Year Kids Phone Watches IOS and Android Compatible

Themoemoe 2G 3-12 Year Kids Smart Watch IOS and Android Compatible Check price on Amazon

Make your kids happier and safer with this advanced smartwatch from Themoemoe. Firstly, the unit features IP67 waterproof technology. This means that you will not have to worry about any water from the pool, rain, snow, or other accidents.

With the two-way video calling feature, parents and children can make face-to-face calls anytime they want. The sounds are loud enough so that you would hear clearly even in noisy conditions. More importantly, multiple calibrations would allow for overall stability.

Parents would set the forbidden time when their children are attending the class. This smartwatch is fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It also supports micro SIM card for ease of use. Featuring advanced GPS technology, parents would know exactly where their little ones are, thus preventing some dangerous cases.

In addition, there are many other functions such as silent, remote camera, remote voice monitor, flashlight, anti-lost, walkie-talkie, voice chat, as well as SOS emergency call. With so many great features, it is easy to understand why it is a popular product on the market.

03. Karaforna Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Touch Screen

Karaforna Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Touch Screen Check price on Amazon

What makes the Karaforna kids smartwatch so special is the combination of LBS, GPS, and Wi-Fi location. More specifically, it is designed with location-based technologies and GPS chip so that you can always track the exact location of your children. The error would be no more than 30 meters or 100 feet.

Whenever your kids face a problem, they would press the SOS key to call the parents for help. Featuring a stylish and portable design, this can be a great boost for your children’s confidence when they go to school or hang out with friends.

The touch screen has a size of 1.4 inches, which is large enough for ease of use. In addition, it provides high-definition features with realistic and delicate details. Your children can easily operate the unit by touching and sliding. Parents would download a free app and set or control what their kids can access. As a result, it allows for more efficient use.

04. Ameiqa LBS Tracker Kids Smart Watch SOS Emergency

Ameiqa LBS Tracker Kids Smart Watch SOS Emergency Check price on Amazon

The Ameqa smartwatch is specially designed for your kids so that they can feel safe and live free anywhere and anytime. There are so many great features that contribute to its wide popularity on the market. Parents would set an electronic fence with a free app so that their children will not be exposed to dangerous content.

The LBS locate technology can precisely tell you the current position of your kids at all times. This watch can also work as a telephone thanks to the two-way call feature. In addition, it is easy to set three numbers for SOS emergency calls.

Parents would disable or open the functions of the device via an app so that their kids would focus on study without distraction. It is even built with a remote camera for recording beautiful things in life. Its full-color touch screen is 1.44 inches in size, thus providing a greater experience for your children. Last but not least, flashlight lighting can be helpful in the dark.

05. Yenisey Pedometer Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker

Yenisey Pedometer Kids Smart Watch GPS Tracker Check price on Amazon

Available in six color and style options, the Yenisey smartwatch can be a great gift for your children. This device supports a micro SIM card, which is not included in the package. In addition, it is compatible with 2G to allow for the Internet connection. When the kids attend classes, parents would set up the forbidden time to prevent distraction. In these cases, however, the SOS emergency call is still available when necessary. Thanks to the two-way communication, kids would make and receive direct calls from anybody.

The whole unit is waterproof to ensure durability and long-lasting use. In dark conditions, kids can turn on the flashlight to illuminate surrounding areas. Parents can easily know where their little ones are by using the GPS tracker.

Also, the alarm clock enables kids to set up the time when they want to get up each morning. This smartwatch even provides educational features with the math game. With the great combination of many great features, this kid’s smartwatch deserves a slot in your consideration list.

06. Amazqi Music Player Kids Smart Watch With SD Card

Amazqi Music Player Kids Smart Watch With SD Card Check price on Amazon

Are you looking for a great present for your kids? Then look no further with this Amazqi model. It comes with so many great features that you hardly find in other models on the market. The device is perfectly compatible with most smartphone models to ensure a stable connection. You can use this smartwatch in two working modes: the Bluetooth mode and the SIM card mode. In the SIM card mode, just put a SIM card and start calling or sending messages.

In addition, it is equipped with a 380mAH lithium battery that can last for up to 1 or 2 days with a single charge. The 1.54-inch touch screen is highly sensitive for ease of use. In addition, it provides high resolution to make the display brighter and clearer. Thus, you can easily read all of the information, whether outdoors or indoors.

What’s more, there are many other useful features, such as call reminders, call log, phone book, calendar, music player, sound recorder, image viewer, remote photos, texts, multiple languages, sound recorder, and many more.

07. SZBXD Waterproof GPS/LBS Smart Watch for Kids

SZBXD Waterproof GPS/LBS Kids Phone Watches Check price on Amazon

With a unique and impressive design, your children will be impressed with the SZBXD smartwatch at first sight. Featuring a waterproof construction with IP68 waterproof technology, the kids can wear the device in any condition without worrying about rain or spill.

The most important benefit of the watch might be the SOS emergency call feature. Parents can set up this function so that children can press the button to call for help in dangerous cases. The watch makes use of both LBS and AGPS technology. This double mode positioning can ensure safety for your children in all cases.

By putting a SIM card inside, the smartwatch can also be used as a phone to send and receive calls or messages. Therefore, parents could easily contact their kids and vice versa. To prevent distractions during classes, it is easy to set the forbidden time with a free app. There is a built-in camera on top so that your children can take pictures whenever they want.

08. Karaforma 1.54-Inch Touch Screen Kids Phone Watches

Karaforma 1.54-Inch Touch Screen Kids Phone Watch Check price on Amazon

This special model from Karaforma comes with nine main functions to bring the best experience for your children. These include call recorders, photo album, camera, game, music player, calculator, watch alarm clock, phone, and phone book. The device is built-in with seven learning games so that your kids can develop important skills, such as hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, as well as responding ability.

Just like other models, this smartwatch is able to receive and make calls from parents. The power key can be pressed to activate SOS calls in an emergency as well. By inserting a memory card, your children would record their voice, take selfies, as well as play their favorite music tracks.

They sound quality is very good, while the volume can be adjusted easily. Thanks to a user-friendly display, your little one can learn how to use this smartwatch quickly. The package comes with a USB charge cable for a quick recharge.

09. 321OU Bluetooth Touch Screen Kids Phone Watches

321OU Bluetooth Touch Screen Kids Phone Watch Check price on Amazon

The 321OU Bluetooth smartwatch is all that you can give your children a happier and healthier life. It can be Bluetooth connected so that you would receive alerts, emails, and texts without using the phone. Thanks to a built-in microphone and speaker, it is easy to answer and make calls hands-free.

With this smartwatch, it is very easy to receive notifications from the phone without opening it. Your children can even set up to receive the latest sports updates, news, texts, or calendar notifications. The activity tracking feature can be a great benefit that can measure basic activities, such as calories, distance walked, steps, heart rates, and many other factors.

The built-in remote camera would be turned on to anytime to take pictures around. This will bring more convenience and fun to your children after studying time. The battery can last up to one day with a single charge. For music, your children can play whatever they want on different platforms, such as Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, Pandora, and Spotify.

10. Padgene DZ09 Sports Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Padgene DZ09 Sports Bluetooth Fitness Tracker Smart Watch - Kids Phone Watches Check price on Amazon

The Padgene DZ09 smartwatch is crafted from acrylic and glass material. This great combination creates a super durable and stylish model for your children. With the 0.3 MP camera, it is easy to take pictures of anything around you.

The portable and small size makes it more comfortable to wear the watch at all times. In addition, its touch screen is highly sensitive with large size of 1.54 inches to allow for overall ease of use.

You can connect this smartwatch with other mobile devices via Bluetooth. It is fully compatible with both iOS and Android models. There is an internal memory of up to 128M as well as the external storage that supports TF cards up to 32 GB. With a single charge, the battery can last up to 120 hours in the standby time and 2 to 3 hours in the talking time.


The market is full of kids’ phone watches, making it challenging to choose the right one for your children. But with this comprehensive buying guide, we believe that you can understand which factors are important to take into consideration. Keep in mind to account for your personal needs and preferences of your little one before making the final decision.

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