Top 10 Best Full Size Loft Beds [2023

Space is one of the major issues faced by people living in apartments or condos. To be precise, the problem is always evident in kids’ room.

You will notice that there is no space left immediately you bring in a bed. Kids will; therefore, lack a place to run around and play.

To make matters worse, kids can end up lacking a place to study. Well, if you find yourself in such a situation, the most prudent thing to do is to buy the best Full Size Loft Bed. Unlike an ordinary bed, a loft bed is very high to create a space underneath.

And it is this space that your kids can utilize for other activities. There are some loft beds that come with built-in desks featuring keyboard trays and shelves.

These desks provide a great platform for placing computers while the shelves are perfect for storing books.

Because of their setup, built-in desks underneath a loft bed are ideal for studying and even playing computer games. Despite their versatility, most loft beds display contemporary looks that will go down well with modern décor.

They are also sturdy enough, considering that they are made of strong metal frames. If you believe that you need one to solve the current space problem in your kids’ room, these reviews are for you.

10. WE Furniture Full Size Metal Loft Bed

10. WE Furniture Full Size Metal Loft Bed Check price on Amazon

Preferred by more than a few customers because of its compact design, this Full Size loft bed is a must-have in your kids’ bedroom.

It makes small spaces spacious by creating an extra space beneath it. Additionally, the extra space it creates can be used by kids to store small items.

Another reason why this bed is loved is that, despite its height, it is still one of the strongest on the market. It is made of sturdy, steel frame, which gives it enough stability to support a full size mattress.

The loft bed is also extremely easy to assemble and you will not need such items as box spring or bunky board to assemble it. We believe that it will be the best buy in your kids’ room.

9. Coaster Full Size Loft Bed Work Station

9. Coaster Full Size Loft Bed Work Station Check price on Amazon

The Coaster Full Size Loft Bed is another loft bed loved by many because it perfectly combines fun and function.

The package features a sturdy bed with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. Well, the weight capacity is so high that even adults can sleep on it.

The unit is made of strong 2-inch metal tubing that seems to last for ages. Below the bed, there is a desk with a shelf space and a keyboard tray to help keep your documents or your kids’ stuff organized.

The whole of this unit is then finished with black matte, so it can match the existing décor. It also displays a contemporary look that will help enhance the aesthetics of the room where it is placed.

8. DHP Black Full Size Loft Bed

8. DHP Black Full-Size Loft Bed Check price on Amazon

We believe that this is the perfect package for you if you love functionality and enhanced visual looks.

Because of its versatility, this loft bed will bring an elegant feel to your room and at the same time remain functional. It looks cool with its black metal appearance that refreshes and brings modernity to any room.

Moreover, the loft bed has a durable and solid frame, which seems to communicate the message of eternity. You will, therefore, have a perfect place to sleep once you are done with your studies on the built-in desk beneath the loft bed.

Despite its peerless performance and unrivaled versatility, this loft bed is still within an affordable range. And this makes us believe it is worth investing on.

7. Home Accent Furnishings Full Size Loft Bed (White Metal Finish)

7. Home Accent Furnishings Full Size Loft Bed (White Metal Finish) Check price on Amazon

Home Accent Furnishings has opted to try something new, which is to equip this loft bed with a white finish instead of the common black finish.

Fortunately, they have managed to bring out its uniqueness and even enhance its appearance. This means the full size loft bed will make a statement in your kids’ bedroom, much to their delight.

Ideally, we love the fact that Home Accent Furnishings has not stopped there; they have gone an extra mile to make sure that this furniture is as sturdy as any top quality loft bed out there.

They have constructed it with a sturdy steel frame that supports up to 250 pounds. We are certain that this loft bed will make an excellent addition to your bedroom or your kids’ room.

6. Home Accent Furnishings Full Size Loft Bed (Black Metal Framed)

6. Home Accent Furnishings Full Loft Bed (Black Metal Framed) Check price on Amazon

We like products from Home Accent Furnishings because we feel that they are quality. That’s why we have a lot of confidence in this full size loft bed.

Constructed with a sturdy, steel frame, this loft bed promises to provide unwavering stability that will leave you amazed. The sturdy frame allows it to support a full size bed and accommodate up to 250 pounds.

Besides, the manufacturer of this product has put a lot of emphasis on its safety by equipping it with full-length guardrails as well as including two ladders for easy access to the top.

It should be your go-to product if you live in an apartment, condo, dorm, or anywhere with limited space. Its frame has a black metal finish, which looks really nice and blends well with most fixtures.

5. DHP Twin Loft Bunk Bed (Gray)

5. DHP Twin Loft Bunk Bed (Gray) Check price on Amazon

Space-saving meets functionality in this twin loft bunk bed. It depicts a winning combination that will make you find it useful every day if not every hour.

The unit features a loft bunk bed on top and a desk under it. Ideally, the desk has a bookcase to help keep your books organized.

Plus it is perfect for keeping laptops, picture frames, and many more. On the front of the unit, is a ladder, which allows for easy access to the loft bunk bed.

There are also safety rails and several metal slats that help improve safety, durability, and support.

Besides, this twin loft bunk bed displays a silvery gray and powder-coated metal finish for enhanced visual appeal. It saves lots of space; hence, you should consider it.

4. DHP Silver Loft Bed Frame with Ladder

4. DHP Silver Loft Bed Frame with Ladder Check price on Amazon

The DHP Silver Loft Bed Frame with Ladder will let you create an extra space in your kids’ room without trying too much.

It measures 50 inches long by 78 inches wide by 50 inches high and weighs 58.5 pounds. As such, it promises to fit perfectly in your child’s room. The loft bed is made of a sturdy metal frame with a weight of 200 pounds.

Furthermore, its height is shorter than most loft beds, so it can allow younger children to effortlessly access it to the top. It also comes with a ladder, which further makes the top part extremely easy to access.

Although it is sturdy, versatile, and produced by a reputable company, this loft bed is highly affordable. Therefore, you do not need to surpass your budget to land it.

3. Walker Edison White Twin Loft Bed

3. Walker Edison White Twin Loft Bed Check price on Amazon

We find the striking appearance of this loft bed quite amazing. That’s why we regard it as one of the best loft beds on the market.

Combining function and elegance, this loft bed no doubt promotes versatility. And this means you should have it no matter your financial situation.

After all, it is reasonably priced. The unit is constructed of durable steel framing to enable it to stand up to the rigors of everyday use.

As if that’s not enough, it is equipped with safety features such as an integrated ladder for safe climbing to the top and full-length guardrails to prevent accidental falls.

Apart from the white finish, it is available in silver finish and black finish. Therefore, you will have a lot of finishes to choose from.

2. Coaster Black Finish Loft Bed with Workstation (460023)

2. Coaster Black Finish Loft Bed with Workstation (460023) Check price on Amazon

This is another quality product we have included here because of its contemporary look.

It combines functional and modern designs to make a practical addition to your kids’ bedroom. The top part provides a place to sleep on, while the section below it features a desk with a keyboard tray.

Well, the desk offers a nice space to place your computer plus there is a large shelf, which provides a room for storing books, decorative items, and study materials.

With this unit, creating a space for sleeping and study will not be a chore. The loft bed has necessary features such as built-in side ladders for convenient access and full-length guardrails for safety. You and your child need this. So, go for it!

1. SuperIndoor Metal Loft Twin Bed

1. SuperIndoor Metal Loft Twin Bed Check price on Amazon

We believe that the best way to solve the issue of limited space in your kids’ room is to have this metal loft twin bed.

Featuring an enormous space beneath the loft bed, this unit promises to keep lots of items at ago. The loft bed is twin-sized, so it can fit small bedrooms perfectly.

What’s more, the bottom space can accommodate a desk, meaning your little one can use it as a study area, a dressing table or a gaming center.

In short, this loft twin bed is made to maximize space. The manufacturer has also focused on making it durable by constructing it with a sturdy metal frame that can support up to 225 pounds.

The loft bed comes with assembly instructions, and it is available in three colors to choose from.


There are numerous effective ways to create an additional space in your kids’ room. And one of them is to introduce a full size loft bed.

Combining functional and space-saving designs, a loft bed creates an elegant platform where you or your kid can sleep and study.

Well, we have reviewed the best ones with the hope that you will have an easy time finding a suitable brand.

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