Top 10 Best Foot Bath Massager in 2022 Reviews

A foot bath massager provides a simple way to relieve foot pain or even just to relax your feet after a long day. And with a good one, you will always have a reliable way to deal with sore and worn out feet.

But, like all other massager types, there are all kinds of foot bath massagers out there from different brands, and they will also differ in various other aspects from their size and capacity to the features that they offer.

Because we know you do not have the time or resources to compare or try out several of these foot bath massagers, here we aim to make it easy to narrow down your options with reviews of 10 of the best foot bath massagers out there.

List of The Best Foot Bath Massager in 2022

1. Conair FB52K Foot Bath Massager

1. Conair FB52K Foot Bath Massager
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Everything about this Conair foot bath massager is just fantastic, and it is the kind that you can be confident will always get your feet feeling nice and fresh again in no time. The bath massager will come with 3 easy to use toe-touch push buttons to make this massager effortless to operate, and the 3 different attachments will make it quite versatile.

With this foot bath massager, you will also get some exfoliating loofah discs that will help make skin softening and rejuvenating quick and easy. And it also comes with a deeper reservoir that will ensure you immerse your feet completely.

Unlike other popular massagers, this one also aims to take care of the entire foot as it will also come with massaging foot rollers that will help soothe the soles of your tired feet.


  • Toe-touch push-buttons
  • 3 different attachments included
  • Lovely LED lights
  • Skin softening and rejuvenating exfoliating loofah discs
  • Deep reservoir
  • Massaging foot rollers

2. Ivation IVAFTSPA Foot Spa Massager

2. Ivation IVAFTSPA Foot Spa Massager
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With a multifunctional foot spa massager like this one from Ivation, relieving your sore and worn out feet will not take a lot of effort or time as it is designed to deliver excellent results consistently.

This foot bath massager will work for all parts of the foot from the heel and toes to the arches and ankles, and hence making it ideal even for athletes and other active individuals.
The massager will include multiple water jets that will help create some calming bubbles to help relieve pressure and pain for those with problematic feet.

Also, there is a built-in water heater to provide the healing properties of heat, some nice massage rollers, and the massager also comes with 4 different accessories. And to crown it all, it has some simple controls and a convenient carry handle.


  • Intense vibrating massage
  • Oxygenating bubble action
  • Built-in water heater
  • Simple controls
  • Carry handle included
  • Nice massage rollers
  • Comes with 4 accessories

3. HoMedics FB-55 Foot Spa

3. HoMedics FB-55 Foot Spa
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When you need a good in-home spa and do not wish to spend a lot of money on it, this highly affordable model by HoMedics will make a fantastic buy.

Besides being affordable, the foot bath massager is also built for convenience and to offer an unforgettable massage. The convenience stems from the splash-proof tab that will ensure you will not have a big mess to clean up afterward.

This foot bath also produces invigorating bubbles that will deliver a rejuvenating and relaxing experience, and there are also some raised nodes to help soothe your feet.
There are also some toe-touch controls that will make this foot bath massager easier to operate and there is also a removable pumice stone that will ensure you get a spa-like experience.


  • Splash-proof tub
  • Toe-touch controls
  • Removable pumice stone
  • Raised nodes
  • Invigorating bubbles

4. Kendal FB09 Foot Spa Messenger

4. Kendal FB09 Foot Spa Messenger
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An all-in-one foot spa massager like Kendal FB09 will be perfect when you want an all-round foot therapy as it will deliver heating therapy, some therapeutic bubbles, and some high-frequency vibration massage.

The high-quality heating semiconductor ensures that your tab will heat up more evenly and fast. There are also 3 pre-set programs that will allow you to customize your massage therapy.

This foot bath massager will also include a self-draining design to give you an easier time when using it. And users will also love the high-quality plastic body as it makes this a highly durable bath massager.


  • All-in-one massager
  • High-quality PTC heating semiconductor
  • 3 pre-set programs
  • Self-draining design
  • Therapeutic bubble massage
  • High-quality plastic body

5. Arealer Spa Bath Massager

5. Arealer Spa Bath Massager
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Versatility is at the heart of this Arealer Spa Bath as it is designed to offer a 6-in-1 operation, and it will ensure you get a more comprehensive foot massage.
This foot bath massager will include an efficient infrared heating element and SPA bubbles that will deliver an exceptionally relaxing massage experience.

Also, this is a more ergonomic and fashionable foot bath massager that will include a nice carry handle to ensure you can easily carry it from one point to the other. And this model also comes with a drain pipe to ensure a faster and easier water drain after use.

When using a foot bath massager, you can also be sure that your safety is guaranteed as it has passed all the security certifications, and it also has internal insulation and automatic power-off to make it even safer.


  • 6-in-1 design
  • Infrared PTC heating
  • SPA bubbles jet
  • Ergonomic and fashionable
  • Heating and timing function

6. Belmint BEL-CFS Foot Spa Bath Massager

6. Belmint BEL-CFS Foot Spa Bath Massager
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For a good all-round foot massage, the Belmint BEL-CFS is an impeccable choice. This massager will not only help soothe and relax your feet, but also disinfect them thanks to the disinfecting red light.

There is also a herb and salt diffuser on the massager that will allow you to add your favorite salts and herbs to the water for an even more therapeutic massage. And there is also a couple of shiatsu roller wheels to ensure you get nice shiatsu massage.

The two bubble jets deliver a steady and adequate supply of bubbles to ensure a more relaxing massage, and there are also dual loofah discs on the massager that will provide a gentle exfoliation. Using this massager is quite easy as it will come with a single knob for easy operation.


  • Disinfecting infrared light
  • Salt herbs diffuser
  • One-knob easy operation
  • Shiatsu roller wheels
  • 2 water bubble water jets
  • Dual loofah discs

7. Acevivi AIP005146_US Spa Bath Massager

7. Acevivi AIP005146_US Spa Bath Massager
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This foot spa massager provides three different modes to ensure you can easily massage different parts of the foot and do it fast and more effectively. Also, it is an all-in-one massager that offers fully motorized rollers and an efficient heat system.

Both the water temperature and massaging time are easily adjustable to allow users to customize their massage sessions. And besides the efficient massage, this massager also has an infrared light that will be very useful at disinfection.

There is also an automatic pedicure stone on this foot bath massager that will make it also useful for working on your nails. And it has also been designed for convenience because, besides being dustproof to ensure there will be no much cleanup to do afterward, it also has a handy automatic water drain.


  • Multiple massage modes
  • Adjustable temperature/massage time
  • Infrared light for killing germs
  • Pedicure stone
  • Dust-proof design
  • Automatic water drain

8. Gideon Therapeutic Foot Spa Massager

8. Gideon Therapeutic Foot Spa Massager
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Nothing beats a foot bath massager with numerous massaging rollers, and so something with 6 like this one by Gideon is guaranteed to give you an exceptional service.
The 6 rollers will include 4 standard rollers and 2 motorized rollers that have been designed with a unique multi-rollers design to ensure a deep but gentle massage experience.

The design will also incorporate 4 bubbling water jets that will produce more than enough bubbles to envelop your soles, toes, and ankles with oxygen-rich bubbles. And to make the experience even more amazing, there are also some nice LED lights.

You will also never have to worry about switching off the massager as it will come with an automatic timer that will allow you to set it anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour. And there are also some lockable rolling wheels for easy mobility around the house.


  • 6 deep-massaging rollers
  • Accurate water temperature control
  • Digital control buttons
  • 4 Bubbling water jets
  • Lockable rolling wheels
  • Massage timer

9. Acevivi Motorized Massager with Heat

9. Acevivi Motorized Massager with Heat
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A multifunctional massager with heat like this one will be a good buy for you whether you have problematic feet or not as it will be very handy in helping you relax and relieve tension in different parts of the foot from the heels to your ankles.
This foot massager has also been designed to allow for both temperature and time adjustment for a more personalized massage session.

Also, this massager will use up relatively less energy when compared to other models on our list, which makes it a more eco-friendly appliance. And besides using up less energy, you will never have to worry about overheating as it has double-overheat protection.
To crown everything up, this foot massage also includes a soothing red light and will generate some powerful bubble jets for relaxing the feet.


  • Multifunctional massager
  • Adjustable time and temperature
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Double overheating protection
  • Soothing red light
  • Powerful bubble jets

10. MaxKare Foot Bath Massager

10. MaxKare Foot Bath Massager
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This MaxKare is all about efficiency as it makes use of a highly efficient heating element to deliver unmatched performance by heating the water fast and maintaining the temperature effectively.

This massager also comes with 4 pairs of massage rollers that are designed to offer a deep massage and stimulate all pressure points to improve the well-being of your feet and body. The intensity of the bath massage rollers can also be adjusted easily and they are also removable.

Operation is also made easy by the straightforward controls and the stylish digital display. Like most other top performing foot massagers, this model will also come with a vibration mode and bubble function to make the massage more relaxing and effective.


  • Efficient heating element
  • Removable massage roller
  • Stylish digital display
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Bubble function
  • Vibration mode


Nothing beats a good, warm massage at the end of a tiring day as it helps relax your muscles and get rid of all that strain while also ensuring you enjoy a more relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. And with a good foot bath massager, getting a relaxing massage should be easy.

Our foot bath massager reviews above provide more than enough recommendations, and while every model is top-notch quality, the Conair FB52K takes our top spot and is hence our best overall recommendation while the HoMedics FB-55 is our best budget model.

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