Top 10 Best Fish Finders Under $400 [2023 Reviews

Whether you are an amateur or professional angler, a fish finder can be a helpful tool to have in the tackle box. Applying sonar technology, these devices can return a graphic and vivid representation of what is under the water, including terrain information and individual fish to help you make a better decision on where to cast and where to position the boat. That’s why they can be the best companion for anglers of all ages and skill levels.

Having a good fish finder can be a huge boost to discovering and navigating the offshore waters. As there is a variety of models and brands available out there, which are so different in terms of features, screen sizes, and prices, selecting the best option depends on how and where you want to fish.

For example, will you go fishing in shallow water, on ice, from the boat, from shore, or from the kayak? But never fear because we would guide you through murky waters and make everything simpler. Keep reading our shopping guide and check out the list of top best fish finders under $400.

01. Garmin Striker Transduer 4 Traditional GPS Fish Finder

Garmin Striker Transduer 4 Traditional GPS Fish Finder Check price on Amazon

Finding fish will be much simpler than ever before with this device from Garmin. It is designed with a 3.5-inch color display that is easy to use and navigate. The built-in GPS features high sensitivity and advanced sensors to locate and help you determine the exact spots of fish.

With high-frequency scanning sonar, you can record near-photographic images with an accurate and detailed manifestation of fish, structures, and objects. It also has a keyed interface and dedicated buttons to allow for ease of use.

You can choose from three display sizes, including 3.5 inches, 5 inches, and 7 inches. The construction is IPX7 waterproof to use underwater without any issues. This device can be used up to 750 feet in saltwater and 1600 feet in freshwater.

There is a waypoint map so that you can easily navigate, mark, and view some common locations such as docks, stumps, and piles. With a built-in flasher, it is easy to view the sonar data in a classic format. This makes it a great option for vertical jigging and ice fishing.

02. Garmin Portable Strike 4 Fish Finder

Garmin Portable Strike 4 Fish Finder Check price on Amazon

The Garmin Strike 4 comes with a portable case, making it great for fishing from a canoe or kayak. This device includes advanced and high-sensitivity GPS so that you could view the locations in relation to many marked waypoints.

It is simple to check the speed of the boat on the screen. No matter if you are an amateur or professional angler, this finder is very easy to use and navigate. There are many display sizes to choose from 3.5, 5, and 7 inches. The operation is quicker with dedicated buttons and a keyed interface.

The chirp sonar can send a constant sweep of frequencies to deliver a wide range of information. It is also able to deliver crisper arches with greater target separation. Its transducer can provide a visibly high level of detail and clarity for structures and fishes, compared to traditional models of 77/200 kHz. For better performance, bottom contours are typically more visible even when you are driving at high speeds. The signal noise could be suppressed at better depths for timely interpretations.

03. Venterior VT-FF001 Handheld Fish Finder Portable

Venterior VT-FF001 Handheld Fish Finder Portable Check price on Amazon

The Venterior VT-FF001 is a simple-to-use and portable fish finder specially designed for fishing lovers. It can display and detect many things, such as rocks and weeks on the seabed, approximate fish locations, as well as water depth. The device comes with different settings to meet various needs the unit of measure, fish alarm, backlight mode, battery saving mode, and selectable sensitivity.

You can see the water depth in both meters and feet. The package includes all the necessary tools and accessories for your fishing, including a finder display, a sonar sensor with 25-feet cable, a removable transducer, a side-scan adapter, a neck strap, operation manual, and wing nut and stainless bolt.

Backlight mode allows you to use the machine even at night or in total darkness. It is possible to turn on or off the audible alarm and give your immediate alerts whenever it detects a school of fish. With a long cord, you can fish on the bridge or from shore with this fish finder.

04. Marcum Recon Underwater 5 Viewing Camera System

Marcum Recon Underwater 5 Viewing Camera System Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for an affordable yet effective finder for your coming fishing trip, then there is no option better than the Marcum recon system. It features a widescreen with a large size of 5 inches to provide better views and vision underwater. Also, the screen is flat and has an aspect ratio of 16:9.

With a high resolution and color LCD, everyone can see clearly underwater conditions and terrain so that you can make a better plan. Even when you are beginners, it is simple to operate and use this camera. The display allows you to adjust the levels of sharpness, contrast, and brightness to work with different conditions.

Thanks to an advanced CMOS sensor, this camera can record everything with clear views and a high-quality image. There is also infrared and LED lighting to use it in dark water. The lithium battery can work up to 6 hours constantly with a single charge. This unit weighs only 2.2 pounds and has a compact design of around 10 inches x 4 inches x 12 inches, making it a great option to carry around.

05. ReelSonar Smart Wireless Bluetooth Fish Finder

ReelSonar Smart Wireless Bluetooth Check price on Amazon

The ReelSonar fish finder is one of the most popular options on the market with many advanced features. It is specially designed with flexibility and portability in mind to suit anglers of all types and levels.

You can easily connect it with an Android or iPhone device to mark fish, underwater structures, and depth contours, as well as save location, water, water temperatures, photos, and species. You can also easily share it on social medical platforms with your friends and family members.

This device can be ideal for canoe, raft, and kayak fishing. It works great in both freshwater and saltwater and can be very helpful in locating structures and fish on rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. There is a free app that can sync via Bluetooth for ease of use. The integrated LED beacon is perfect for night fishing, carp, and ice fishing. Its display is large and high-definition with high contrast to increase your visibility during the night.

06. Lucky Fish Finder Portable LCD Display Sonar Transducer

Lucky Finder Portable LCD Display Sonar Transducer Check price on Amazon

The FFC1108-1 fishfinder by Lucky is specially made for fishing beginners, but it is precise enough for anglers of all levels. This portable device is great for sea fishing, shore fishing, kayak fishing, and ice fishing.

It is able to detect and display fish places, water depth, tall and short weeds, and other structures underwater. With a lightweight design, you can wear it around the neck and use it anywhere you want. The finder can be used in a 45-degree cone and work in the depth range from 1 meter or 3 feet to 100 meters or 328 feet.

You can choose to see the water depth in both meters and feet. There are a 25-feet cable and removable transducer in the package. With 5 modes of sensitivity, this finder can respond to different environments with precise readings and measurements. The battery saving mode can help it work for an extended period without charging.

07. Eyoyo 1000TVL Waterproof Fish Finder 7-Inch LCD

Eyoyo 1000TVL Waterproof Finder 7-Inch LCD Check price on Amazon

The Eyoyo underwater fishing camera features a large TFT color display with a size of up to 7 inches. Also, it can show HD quality with 800×480 pixels to give you the best quality. There is also a removable sun-visor, making it a great option for bright environments. The definition of the device is up to 1000TV lines, which can be much clearer than other models on the market. Thanks to the 12-piece infrared LED lights, you can see fishes more clearly at night or in dark conditions.

The package also includes a portable and mini waterproof suitcase for ease of transport and storage. It features an advanced lithium battery that can work constantly up to eight hours with a full charge. The whole construction is IP68 waterproof to use in any conditions without worrying about electrical issues. Also, a cable with up to 15 meters will enhance flexibility and allow you to use this fish finder from a great distance.

08. Lowrance Elite-7 Navionics Cartography Chirp Fish Finder

Lowrance Elite-7 Navionics Cartography Chirp Check price on Amazon

Whether you want to go fishing for fun or passion, the Lowrance Elite-7 fish finder is a must-have device for your toolbox. Just like other models, it comes with advanced built-in GPS technology that can help you locate and determine the exact locations of fish and structures underwater.

The screen measures 7 inches in size to provide sufficient area for reading and measuring. Also, the display is colorful and clear for precise operation. The control panel is simple to use for everyone with the touch of some button.

This device also includes the gold cartography for a more powerful performance. With the Hi-Def and broadband Chirp, you can easily mark and record the positions of any fish schools in the ocean, lake, or rivers. The whole construction is very durable and sturdy to allow for long-lasting use. Also, it is waterproof and can work perfectly underwater without any hassles.

09. Deeper Wi-Fi Smart Sonar Portable Fish Finder for Ice and Shore PRO

Deeper Wi-Fi Smart Sonar Portable Finder for Ice and Shore PRO Check price on Amazon

The Deeper smart fish finder is a castable, wireless, and versatile fish finder for professional and avid anglers. It can be easily paired with a free app so that you can create any bathymetric maps right from the shore. In addition, you can enjoy many other benefits such as knowing water depth and temperature, finding fish, knowing vegetation, ground hardness, and structures. It is possible to cast it up to 330 feet and scan 260 feet in depth.

The sonar frequency comes with dual-beam to scan overall areas and pinpoint fish. This machine can generate a Wifi signal to connect and deliver data. With the Lakebook, you can save the maps, plant the next trips, and analyze all the available data.

This fish finder can be operated both in salt and freshwater. With unique versatility, the Deeper fish finder is great for catching fish from a boat, kayak, and other areas. Also, there are many other advanced features that will make your next trip much more convenient and simpler.

The bottom line

Once you have figured out the important factors that you need to look for in a fish finder, it can be much simpler to choose the right. With a small investment, you can increase the chance of catching more fishes and having more fun with your friends. Read our guide carefully and make an informed decision for the next fishing trip.

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