Top 10 Best Face Primer For Dry Skin in 2021

Applying a quality face primer is the key to having perfectly done makeup. It is the basis of ensuring your makeup stays intact for a while. While every manufacturer is praising their primers to be the best, it can be difficult deciding which products suit you best. For this reason, you need to research about different brands. Considering there are different skin types, you should find a primer appropriate for your skin. Well, if you have dry skin, below is a review on the best face primer for dry skin review.

However, before looking at the top products, you need to know something. There are factors to think about when buying primers for dry skin. They entail durability, formulation, coverage and appearance. Make sure you buy a primer that will increase longevity of your makeup. It should ensure it lasts all day without any reapplication.

Gel formulated primers are great, as they last thus maintaining your beauty when out and about. As you purchase primers, consider those that cover large pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This way, you ensure a smooth finish that flatters your face. A worthwhile product should hydrate, moisturize and pamper dry skin.
With such pointers in mind, you are more than ready to identify the best face primer for dry skin when you see it.

Here is a guide on the best face primer for dry skin.

10. Laura Geller Primer

10. Laura Geller Primer Check price on Amazon

You feel confident when using a primer developed by a makeup expert. Laura Geller prepares your face for exquisite beauty. You can be sure it will last and retain the color of makeup you applied. The primer encompasses natural ingredients and vitamins to nourish and moisturize your skin. Therefore, it stays hydrated preventing dry or flaky skin. The product contains Cupuacu seed butter and aloe vera gel. These soothing elements will pamper your face. Laura provides users with different colors, textures and creative formulations.

9. Touch in Sol Pore-covering Primer

9. Touch in Sol Pore-covering Primer Check price on Amazon

Several things put Touch in Sol on the list of best face primer for dry skin. For starters, it has a fantastic silky, soft texture. Its gel type formula makes it perfect for dry skin. Its pink tint has a girly feeling. It does a great job covering big pores and wrinkles. The primer evens your face for an elegant, smooth look. It comes with sebum-catching properties that control the amount of oil on your face. This means no oily skin that ruins your makeup.

8. Stila Aqua Primer

8. Stila Aqua Primer Check price on Amazon

Stila is a water-based primer that promises you a fine appearance. It refreshes and hydrates your skin in addition to covering your pores and reducing redness. The product leaves you with a silky face that is smooth to touch with an even tone. It allows you wear makeup for eight hours straight without worrying about reapplying it. Its aqua characteristic offers you a cooling effect on the face.

7. e.l.f Studio Primer-Mineral Infused

7. e.l.f Studio Primer-Mineral Infused Check price on Amazon

e.l.f’s sleek design is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best face primers for dry skin. However, it has much more to offer. For instance, it moisturizes your face, which is important for anyone with dry skin. The last thing you need is a primer that dries your skin yet you already have a dry skin type. The primer protects you from flaky skin and accumulation of oil after applying makeup. It also helps with covering up large pores and reducing if not eliminating the visibility of fine lines. You will have a spectacular satin makeup finish.

6. L’Oreal Paris Professional Face Primer

6. L’Oreal Paris Professional Face Primer Check price on Amazon

Any beauty product with the name Paris in it is worth buying. L’Oreal guarantees you an amazing skin texture that is smooth and silky. It applies lightly providing a conducive base for makeup cosmetics that follow the primer. If you have visible pores or fine lines, do not worry. This brand will minimize them. Enjoy a flawless matte finish that leaves you looking like a makeup pro. It is for not only dry skin but other types as well.

5. Maybelline New York Face Primer

5. Maybelline New York Face Primer Check price on Amazon

Are you tired of face primers that make it hard for your face to breath? You need to purchase Maybelline right away. It applies lightly and has no fragrances. The primer is non-comedogenic and does a great job moisturizing your skin all day long. If you have wished for baby skin, this brand will make you have a face looking like a baby’s. It works well on pores, fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Bellezza Secreto Makeup Primer

4. Bellezza Secreto Makeup Primer Check price on Amazon

Belleza is a waterproof primer, which is one of the factors that place it in the review of best face primer for dry skin. It boasts of a gel formula that offers you 8-12 hour flawless makeup. It does not smudge and is usually thin thus ensuring you are not carrying bulky makeup on your face. Its vitamins foster growth of new cells while antioxidants prevent presence of free radicals. The product does not clog pores and suits normal, combination, dry, sensitive and oily skin. It is paraben, fragrance-free.

3. Lorac Mattifying Primer

3. Lorac Mattifying Primer Check price on Amazon

The brand has anti-aging components that makes your face look young. Lorac’s matter finish is the best. This primer helps your makeup stay intact for longer. It improves appearance of fine lines and pores. Lorac is oil and fragrance-free. The fact that it lacks parabens increases its safety for you. It does not matter your skin typ. This primer takes care of all types including dry skin.

2. Bare Escentuals Foundation Primer

2. Bare Escentuals Foundation Primer Check price on Amazon

Sometimes your complexion messes with your confidence. When you need to cover uneven skin or large pores, try using Bare Escentual’s primer. It works great for dry flaky skin. The primer gives your face a seamless look. Its SPF 15 characteristic protects your face from sunburns. At the end of the day, you will have an even texture and a smooth face.

1. 47krate from elf Studio

1. 47krate from elf Studio Check price on Amazon

Like the other elf brand, 47krate contains minerals. They will nourish your skin in an amazing way. It comes with makeup mist to soothe and moisturize your face. Its anti-bacterial, taklon stipple brush will be helpful in applying blush and foundation. It is light and alcohol-free. The product guards against excess oil and flaky skin. It also covers fine lines and large pores.

Primers serve an important role when applying makeup. Without them, your makeup will not look as good. From the guide, you can choose two or three products to try out. You have no reason to buy a primer that makes dry skin look worse.

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