Top 6 Best Double Electric Blankets [2023 Reviews

Nights can be overwhelmingly cold to the extent of depriving you of your sleep. The problem becomes even worse during winter when it is generally cold. Well, you are likely to experience all these if you use an ordinary blanket. But if your blanket is innovative and equipped with essential keep-warm features, then cold can easily be kept at bay.

The double electric blanket has what it takes to keep you cozy and warm throughout the night. And here we provide you with the best double electric blankets reviews for great buying experience. Have a look.

6. SoftHeat Twin-Size Electric Blanket Review

SoftHeat Twin-Size Electric Blanket Review
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SoftHeat knows what you like and it brings you just that; the SoftHeat Twin-Size Electric Blanket. It is a highly functional blanket designed with the softest plush fabric to make sure it provides the much-needed comfort. Ideally, the SoftHeat Twin-Size Electric Blanket is warm, and this makes it the go-to product for super cold areas. The time to enjoy a good night’s sleep is now!


  • Unique pre-heat feature: It warms your entire bed before you can start sleeping on it.
  • Dual controllers: They are easy to use to ensure quick results and convenience. Ideally, they will let you sleep at your desired temperature without interfering with your partner’s sleep.
  • Integrated over-temperature protection: Prevents the temperature from wildly shooting up.
  • Ultra-thin wires: You won’t feel them at all, and this promotes comfort.
  • Low-voltage technology: It keeps the blanket safer.

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5. Sunbeam King Walnut Electric Blanket Review

Sunbeam King Walnut Electric Blanket Review
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Sunbeam is one of the best manufacturers of electric blanket. And today, they are more than happy to bring you the Sunbeam King Walnut Electric Blanket. Well, the blanket will give you the opportunity to enjoy rich softness. Furthermore, it provides warmth all-night long for a great sleeping experience. Now you can have a restful night; thanks to the Sunbeam King Walnut Electric Blanket.


  • LCD display control: It is easy to use and makes it really simple to spot the right setting.
  • Soft surface: It is smooth as well as soothing to the touch.
  • Four different sizes: Apart from the King size, the blanket is available in twin size, queen size, and full size.
  • Personalized heat settings: They make sure you enjoy your night.
  • Limited Sunbeam’s Warranty: It protects against original defects.

4. SoftHeat Natural Electric Blanket Review

SoftHeat Natural Electric Blanket Review
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Wrap yourself in unrivaled comfort and warmth with the SoftHeat Natural Electric Blanket. It is an intelligently designed unit that heats up evenly, so it can provide you with enough warmth throughout the night. With this blanket, you will be able to warm your bed efficiently and safely. Never let cold nights mess up your sleep; not when the SoftHeat Natural Electric Blanket is on the market.


  • User Manual: It provides a guideline on how to use the electric blanket.
  • Limited 5-year warranty: It protects against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.
  • Soft fabric: It offers extra support and comfort for a good night’s sleep.
  • Temperature pre-heat & hold feature: It keeps your bed warm before you start lying on it.
  • Two separate zones: They let you control the temperature of one side without interfering with your partner.

3. Sunbeam Electric Blanket Review (Heated Plush)

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Review (Heated Plush)
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One great thing about this electric blanket is that it does not just deliver optimum performance but also boasts ultimate convenience. It is one of the few blankets that are 100-percent machine washable and dryer safe to help ensure easy cleaning. Ideally, the Sunbeam Electric Blanket (Heated Plush) comes in several sizes including King, Queen, Twin, and Full to help you get a desirable size that best suits your needs.


  • 5-year limited warranty: It allows for free return, provided the warranty is valid.
  • Split elements: The King and Queen sizes have two separate sides for convenience.
  • Dual controls: They allow you to heat one side and keep the other the way it is to avoid inconveniencing your partner.
  • Auto-adjustable feature: The blanket adjusts automatically to keep the warmth levels consistent throughout the night.

2. Bidderford Electric Blanket Review (2034-903291-711)

Bidderford Electric Blanket Review (2034-903291-711)
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Are you on a budget yet you want to enjoy sleep every night? Then look no further than the Bidderford Electric Blanket (2034-903291-711). It will let you turn down the thermostat and turn it up to cut electricity costs. This electric blanket also provides enough warmth that makes it cozy and the perfect product for winter. Plus it is passed through stringent tests as well as approved by third party.


  • Auto-off safety feature: It gives you peace of mind knowing that the blanket will turn off automatically.
  • 10 heat settings: They make the electric blanket very easy to use.
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty: It protects against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship.
  • Ultra-thin wires: They are so thin that you won’t notice them, and this helps provide optimum comfort.
  • 100-percent microplush: It is super soft and machine washable for ultimate convenience.

1. Thermee Electric Blanket Review (Micro Flannel)

Thermee Electric Blanket Review (Micro Flannel)
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The Thermee Electric Blanket is ETL listed to enable you to use it with confidence knowing that you are using a tested and approved product. Besides, it is machine washable to ensure quick and easy cleanup. Plus it comes loaded with several features that make it a top performer on the market today. With it, you will enjoy your night, especially cold nights of the winter.


  • Extra-long 16’ cords: They eliminate the need to pull the blanket to the control.
  • Auto shut-off timer: The blanket automatically shuts off after 10 hours to conserve energy.
  • Backlit numbers: They are large enough for easy viewing.
  • 5-year warranty: It guarantees a hassle-free buying experience.
  • Detachable plugs: They promote the much-needed convenience.
  • Soft wire technology: Wires are almost impossible to feel, and this promotes comfort.


After the day’s hassle, all you want to do is to come home and rest on a cozy, warm bed. But ordinary blankets may greatly disappoint as far as providing the much-needed warmth is concerned. For this reason, we recommend that you go for a double electric blanket. These units come equipped with several features that make them easy and convenient to use. Some even have separate zones to make sure you don’t heat up the whole blanket and interfere with your partner’s sleep. The above are the best electric blankets on the market today. Therefore, make sure you choose one for ultimate comfort and warmth at night.

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