Top 10 Best Cheap Dog Strollers in 2022 Reviews

Walking your dog around is a good routine. However, there are many reasons that would make it more difficult to get your pet around. For instance, some dogs can have anxiety and fear in social situations. Those owners tend to struggle a lot to keep their furry friends from running off whenever they see other animals.

Another possible cause can be the health concerns that prevent your dogs from keeping up with your family. In these situations, having dog strollers can be a great life-saver. Just like a baby stroller, this tool is designed to carry your dogs around without wasting so much time and effort.

More importantly, it can create a comfortable space for your pets when they have to come out and deal with unfamiliar things around. So, if you are planning to purchase a new stroller but have no idea where to start, do not freak out. We have done all of the research for you and compiled this list of top best cheap dog strollers. Keep reading and make the right decision.

01. Pet Gear Zipperless Dog Strollers Removeable Liner Cup Holder

Pet Gear Zipperless Pet Strollers Removeable Liner Cup Holder Check price on Amazon

Pet Gear is a reliable brand that specializes in making innovative products for pets. This zipperless dog stroller is one of their best options on the market. With a no-zip design, you will not need to close or open the stroller and face some common issues.

It is much easier now to gain access to your dog without fumbling with annoying zippers. In addition, the elevated paw rest allows your dogs to look out easily, with the help of the front bar. Through the window, they are able to have a panoramic view while still staying safe inside the stroller.

You can easily set up the stroller without additional tools. The unit is great for dogs up to 30 pounds in weight. There is a built-in canopy with three different positions to protect the pet against weather conditions. With mesh ventilation, your furry friends will stay protected and comfortable during the summertime.

Both back and front wheels come with shock absorbers to ensure stability on any terrains. What’s more, the fabric is crafted from water-resistant materials. Some other additional features include the storage basket, cup holder, interior tether, as well as washable liner.

02. Pet Gear One-Hand Zipperless Jogger Dog Stroller

Pet Gear One-Hand Zipperless Jogger Dog Stroller Check price on Amazon

No matter if you want a smooth ride with your dog or an avid jogger, this one-hand stroller from Pet Gear can be a great option to go for. Similar to the previous model, this product comes without any zipper, meaning that you do not have any problems when opening or closing the unit.

With advanced zip technology, you would have easier access. Also, you can easily navigate this stroller through any kind of terrain thanks to the air tires and front-locking wheel. This feature is especially important when your dogs are sensitive to shocks or have anxiety.

The canopy and surrounding parts are crafted from durable 600 deniers. This fabric is able to resist water and other weather conditions. In addition, the front and top mesh windows ensure better ventilation when it is hot outside.

The 12-inch quick-release tires will not go flat to save your time and effort. With the ergonomic handle, you can carry the stroller and your dog around without too many efforts. After each use, just fold down the stroller in a few minutes for easy storage.

03. Pet Gear Lightweight Compact 38-Inch Travel Dog Stroller

Pet Gear Lightweight Compact 38-Inch Travel Dog Stroller Check price on Amazon

This travel dog stroller by Pet Gear is a perfect option to take your furry friend around in either long or short walks. With its sturdy construction, the product could safely carry and protect the pet anytime.

Its quick-fold mechanism makes it easier to carry the unit around or store it when not in use. You can fold the whole unit into a super compact size in a couple of seconds without additional help or tools. There are some rear safety brakes to ensure safety when you are walking in sloppy terrains.

There are eight wheels in total with a size of 6 inches. This allows for simpler strolling without using too much force. The whole stroller weighs only 9 pounds so that you can bring it when traveling.

Mesh ventilation in the front will ensure that your dog can stay comfortable during the summer when the temperatures are hot. This stroller is ideal for dogs up to 15 pounds. With the large window in the front, your pet can have a good view during the trip.

04. BestPet 4-Wheel Dog Folding Stroller Waterproof Fabric

BestPet 4-Wheel Dog Folding Stroller Waterproof Fabric Check price on Amazon

Durable and sturdy, the BestPet 4-wheel stroller will be a great companion for your dog in the next trip. The whole unit is crafted from an aluminum alloy that is not only strong but also very lightweight.

It is able to accommodate any pets with a weight of up to 30 pounds. In addition, the cover is crafted from waterproof cloth so that you do not need to worry about rain or snow. Mesh windows in the front enable the dog to see the outside world while still being protected inside.

Also, there is a free, removable pad to ensure a clean space. This part is washable for easier cleaning after each use. The stroller is well structured and crafted from high-quality nylon materials. There is enough storage space for other accessories and items, such as dog toys, keys, treats, water bottles, and more.

More importantly, safety tether and rear brakes can ensure safety when you are walking in unstable terrains. After each use, it only takes a couple of minutes to disassemble the stroller. The total weight of this unit is only 11 pounds, making it a great option for traveling.

05. Pet Gear Cats and Dogs Strollers Included Weather Cover Air Tires

Pet Gear Cats and Dogs Stroller Included Weather Cover Air Tires Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for a well-covered stroller for your pets, then look no further with this product from Pet Gear. It features an easy-locking entry without any zippers. This will save you a lot of effort from hassles and annoying problems when accessing your dogs or cats.

In addition, the package includes a weather cover to protect your pets against any weather conditions, such as rain or snow. At the same time, they can still have a good view thanks to the built-in panoramic window in the front.

The canopy features three different positions to meet the needs of various occasions. This stroller comes with three air tires with a size of 12 inches. These components can ensure a stable ride during a walking trip.

In addition, the front bar can provide more support when your dogs are taking a look outside. Its front-locking wheel can help you navigate through rough terrains very easily, whether strolling or jogging.

06. Vivo Multiple Three Wheel Fordable Dog Strollers

Vivo Multiple Three Wheel Fordable Pet Stroller Check price on Amazon

The foldable pet stroller by Vivo offers first-class traveling experience for your furry friends. No matter if you are jogging in the park or taking a quick stroll in your neighborhood, this sturdy unit can ensure a smooth and safe ride.

It is specially designed with three-zippered access points so that you would get your dogs or cats out and in easily. To maximize comfort, the manufacturer provides a padded foam bottom and spacious interior space. More importantly, the mesh windows are fully breathable to ensure a great viewing experience.

This dog stroller is fully collapsible just by activating the button located on the top handle. There is a basket on the bottom to give you additional storage for other accessories and items, such as snacks, toys, or water bottles.

On the center ray, you can find two cup holders that can be perfect for staying hydrated during long walks. Thanks to soft padding on the top handles, your hands will stay comfortable in an extended period.

07. Vivo Foldable Dog Strollers Four Wheels

Vivo Foldable Dog Stroller Four Wheels Multiple Colors Check price on Amazon

Available in seven color options, you can easily choose a suitable Vivo dog stroller for your pets. The pet compartment features a spacious space to provide a comfortable area for your furry friends.

In addition, it is large and protection with zipper access points to allow for overall ease of use. You can use this product with any dogs or cats that weigh up to 30 pounds. The mesh windows in the front will allow the pet to see anything and enjoy better air flows. This is very important to ensure health and safety.

As a collapsible model, you can fold up and down the stroller quickly to save space for storage or transport. This can save you a lot of time and effort. There are a lot of storage spaces for additional items and accessories, including the center tray, dual cup holders, as well as the basket. With up to 8 tires in total, you can ensure a smooth and stable ride for your dogs at all times.

08. BestPet 3-Wheel Dog Strollers Folding Pet Carrier

BestPet 3-Wheel Pet Stroller Folding Carrier Check price on Amazon

Dogs are the best friends of humans. That is why your furry friend deserves to get the best treatment, and this Best Pet stroller is a great option. The whole unit is crafted from waterproof materials to prevent any effects of the rain or snow.

There are mesh windows in the front so that your dogs can see everything when you are walking. At the same time, they provide ventilation to ensure overall health and safety. The tires are large with a size of 6.3 inches, which can glide easily and smoothly in rough terrains. The front wheels could be rotated 360 degrees without any dead end.

No additional tools are needed to fold up this stroller. You can do everything in a few seconds to prepare for a short walk around. After each use, it is also simple to collapse the unit for more convenient transport and storage. There is a cup holder near its handle so that you can stay hydrated.

09. Paws & Pals Small and Medium Dog Strollers Three Wheels

Paws & Pals Small and Medium Dog Stroller Three Wheels Check price on Amazon

Walk your dogs around in style and comfort with this great stroller from Paws & Pals. It is a great product for transporting seniors, injured, or small pets on jogs or long walks. The retractable canopy can ensure that airflow and breathability will keep the pets always comfortable.

Featuring a durable design with high-quality materials, it is able to endure daily wear and tear. All wheels are sturdy with full rotation. You can easily maneuver the stroller around in any terrains. There are some storage spaces around so that you can carry snacks, toys, drinks, and other items.

This product is available in four color options, including beige, pink, gray, as well as blue. With all of these great features, it is easy to understand why this dog stroller is a great option for your dog.

10. Paws & Pals 4-Wheel Elite Pet Jogger Dog Strollers

Paws & Pals 4-Wheel Elite Dog Jogger Pet Stroller Check price on Amazon

No not leave your dogs at home. Instead, take them outside and enjoy the fresh air around with this three-wheeled stroller from Paws & Pals. It is comfortable, safe, and sturdy enough for any trip. Featuring a portable design, the unit can be carried around without any hassles.

There are many mesh windows to ensure better ventilation and breathability, especially during the summer. You can have a lot of storage spaces for additional items, such as water, phone, toys, or more.

The security brakes on the rear can ensure overall stability in rough terrains. The frame is crafted from high-quality aluminum to allow for better durability. Overall, this is a good option for small to medium-sized dogs.


Having a dog stroller would make the life of you and your pet much simpler. The key is to consider all of the important factors, such as the undercarriage, frame composition, weather resistance, wheel size, and wheel number. With this comprehensive guide, we believe that you can make an informed decision and bring more happiness to your furry friends.

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