Best Cheap Bookcases in 2021 Reviews

Whether you are a bookworm with a full collection of books on different topics or only have a few to place artfully among the decorative items and potted plants, a good bookcase is necessary. Fortunately, the market provides a wide range of options to choose from.

They come with many designs and structures to meet different needs and endure the heaviness of many books at the same time. Some models are specially constructed from high-quality and premium woods, plastics, or other materials to complement other decorative elements in your space.

Depending on your space and needs, you can choose from a portable and small bookcase or a large and spacious one. The availability of so many options can make it quite challenging to make a decision. Understanding this problem, we have collected a list of top best cheap bookcases on the market these days. Let’s check it out and choose the best for your home or office.

01. Nathan James Industrial Bookshelf 65801 Warm Nutmeg Steel Frame – Cheap Bookcases

Nathan James Industrial Bookshelf 65801 Warm Nutmeg Steel Frame Check price on Amazon

Bring the storage space in your home or office to a higher level with this durable and elegant bookcase from Nathan James. It is specially designed with a minimalist style that can perfectly fit in any space.

The frame is constructed from high-quality metal to ensure overall durability and strength. You can easily glide its drawers to tuck away everything that you are keeping. A useful tip is to purchase a pair of this bookcase so that you can establish a balanced and cohesive feel in your own space.

The product is available in a wide range of finishes, colors, and sizes to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for storage space in your home, office, or other areas, there will always be a suitable design. The overall measurements are sleek and space-saving, making it a great option for small houses or apartments.

You can assembly the bookcase on your own in only 30 to 40 minutes with the provided instructions. There are two built-in drawers to provide you extra storage for additional books or accessories. Both tones can be a great addition to the current furniture in your space.

02. Ameriwood Home 4 Shelf Espresso Kids Cheap  Bookcases

Ameriwood Home 4 Shelf Espresso Kids Bookcase Check price on Amazon

This Ameriwood Home bookcase can be a perfect option to improve the creativity of your kids. It provides a floor easel with two ways to write and draw. In addition, there is a chair and table in the set to help them develop essential skills in life, such as playing, reading, or coloring. With up to four shelves, your children can use it to store a lot of things, such as decors, shoes, books, as well as toys. The product is available in two colors: white or espresso.

Thanks to its curved side panels, the bookcase is very safe and stylish at the same time for those children who are older than 4 years old. To ensure proper setup, it requires two people. The whole unit is crafted from particle boards and laminated MDF. These materials are extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, the surface can be easily cleaned just with a dry or damp cloth. This will keep the bookcase as long as possible during the childhood of your little one.

03. Furinno 3-Tier Columbia Walnut Cheap Storage Bookcases

Furinno 3-Tier Columbia Walnut Storage Bookcase Check price on Amazon

It is much simpler to organize your space properly with this 3-tier bookcase from Furinno. This is a very lovely unit that can be used to store your books or display other decors. With provided instructions, you can follow simple steps to assemble the product without additional help. The size is portable and small to save a lot of space in your home or office. This makes the product a great option for dorms, apartments, or small houses.

You can choose from a wide range of color options to meet your needs and preferences. It features a functional open-shelf design that can be suitable for any space. The whole bookcase is crafted from sturdy composite wood.

Each shelf is able to hold up to 15 pounds so that you can confidently place anything on it without worrying about cracks or breaks. The cleaning and maintenance are very simple as you just need a dry cloth. With a great combination of functionality and beauty, it is easy to understand why this bookcase is so popular on the market these days.

04. Coavas Folding Bookshelf 4 Tiers Industrial Design

Coavas Folding Bookshelf 4 Tiers Industrial Design Check price on Amazon

Coavas is a trusted brand that is always committed to providing customers with simple yet high-quality products, and this folding bookshelf is no exception. What makes it so different from other products on this list is the ease of setup. Thanks to the folding design, you do not need to assembly.

Just follow the provided steps in the instruction guide to install this bookcase in your space. The urban and industrial design makes it a great option for those people who are busy and love a dynamic lifestyle. You can use it to store a wide range of objects and items, such as plants, tools, books, and more.

This great bookcase is also great for displaying decorative items and boosting the overall appearance. There are many shelves, which can be able to hold up to 36 kilograms or 80 pounds. The frame is crafted from durable metal, while the shelves are constructed from MDF. As a result, you can be sure that the product can stay durable and sturdy for many years without any problems.

05. Furinno 3-Tier White Open Cheap Shelf Bookcases

Furinno 3-Tier White Open Shelf Bookcase Check price on Amazon

This is another high-quality and portable bookcase from Furinno. You can choose from four different color options, including pink, blue, green, and white. It comes with a simple yet modern design to fits perfectly in any space. The product is a great option for any space, from bedroom and living room to children’s room or even office. Everything can be assembled on your own in a few minutes thanks to the provided instructions in the package.

All components of the bookcase are crafted from engineered particle boards, which are extremely durable. They are able to hold up heavy items, such as books, personal accessories, and decorative things. You do not have to worry about any cracking or breaking issues with its sturdy construction. The size is small enough to save your valuable space. It can blend in easily with any home decors. There will be no foul smell and you can clean it easily just with a damp cloth.

06. South Shore Narrow Axcess 5-Shelf Bookcase Blueberry

South Shore Narrow Axcess 5-Shelf Bookcase Blueberry Check price on Amazon

If you are looking for a spacious bookcase to store your decorative items, books, or binders, then this model from South Shore can be a good option. It comes with a versatile design that can meet most of the storage needs in your home or office.

Featuring a sleek and contemporary style, the product can improve the appearance of your space. Each part is constructed from laminated particleboard. This allows for extremely durable and sturdy construction.

Thanks to a narrow design, the bookcase can fit in tight areas perfectly. Therefore, it is a great choice for dorms or apartments. There are five open storage spaces in total, which are separated by three adjustable shelves and one fixed shelf.

They are able to support up to 25 pounds of weight. With the provided instructions, you can easily set it up without any trouble. In addition, there are many color options so that you would pick the right one that meets your personal references.

07. Sauder 3-Shelf Beginnings Bookcase Oak Finish

Sauder 3-Shelf Beginnings Bookcase Oak Finish Check price on Amazon

Portable and simple, the Sauder oak bookcase can be a product that everyone would love at first sight. It comes with three different storage spaces, which are large enough for keeping most of your essential items.

They are divided into two adjustable shelves to provide more flexibility and versatility. The whole unit is crafted from high-quality highland oak. This material is extremely durable and can endure different components. In addition, it has a stylish finish to complement any items in your home or office.

Even though assembly is required, you can do everything on your own quickly. Just read the step-by-step guide and everything can be done in around 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Moreover, there is an enclosed back panel to keep your items safe. Featuring a portable design, this bookcase is a great solution for any area that lacks space. You can use it to store a wide variety of items, from books and notes to decorative items and potted plants.

08. Songmics Storage Rack 6 Cubes ULSN63H Cheap Bookcases

Songmics Storage Rack 6 Cubes ULSN63H Check price on Amazon

The ULSN63H storage rack by Songmics is a great product to maximize your living or working space. The portable and small design allows you to place it anywhere you want without taking up too much space. No matter if you want to store children’s toys or keep your books, it can be a versatile solution. All of the double-sided plastic connectors come with a similar size. In addition, the fabric is waterproof to protect your items from water.

Featuring a durable steel frame, this bookcase can be used to store a lot of heavy items in your home or office. The assembly is very simple and quick with the provided instructions. No additional tools are required.

The maximum load capacity for each layer is up to 8 kilograms or 17 pounds. In total, the whole structure is able to hold up to 48 kilograms or 105 pounds. A damp cloth is all that you need to clean the surface and keep your books or items in the best condition.

09. South Shore 5 Cheap Shelf Bookcases Axess Collection

South Shore 5 Shelf Bookcase Axess Collection Check price on Amazon

The South Shore bookcase is a great combination of attractiveness and practicality. It is great for storing decorative items, books, binders, and many other things. With up to five easily adjustable and open storage spaces, you can keep everything inside. The bookshelf comes with a contemporary design that features clean lines.

Therefore, it can be a perfect addition to the existing décor in your space. There are three adjustable shelves on the unit. Each of them can hold up to 25 pounds, while a single fixed shelf can support up to 35 pounds in weight.

The whole unit is crafted from non-toxic laminated particleboard. The material is very durable and eco-friendly to ensure overall safety. It is available in a variety of color options. Thus, you can easily choose the best model for your needs and preferences. Assembly is required, but the whole process can be very straightforward as you can refer to the provided instructions.

10. Convenience Concepts Black A Frame Oxford Cheap Bookcases

Convenience Concepts Black A Frame Oxford Bookshelf Check price on Amazon

The inspiration for the Oxford bookshelf of Convenience Concepts comes from architecture. The unit can provide overall stability thanks to a freestanding design. In addition, it would add a bold modern vibe and geometric interest to your space. Its transitional style can coordinate and complete both modern and traditional spaces. At the same time, its tapering shape can establish a visual waterfall effect.

There are four shelving areas in total. This provides sufficient space for you to store and display anything you want, from books and accessories to decorative items and potted plants. Assembly is very simple since you just need to follow the guide without needing additional tools.

With a portable and lightweight construction, you can place this bookshelf anywhere in your office or home without taking too much space. For all of these great benefits, it is quite easy to understand why this product is one of the most popular options on the market these days, both for residential and commercial spaces.


The final decision on a bookcase will depend on many factors. All of the products mentioned above come with high-quality materials, beautiful designs, and especially cheap prices to meet most of the budgets. Read our reviews carefully and take your preferences into consideration before purchasing a good one for your office or home.

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