Top 5 Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner [2023 Reviews

If you are noticing the performance of your car going down with time, you need to check the exhaust system. Over time, due to impurities in the fuel, various residues accumulate in the entire exhaust system and especially in the catalytic converter. That is where catalytic converter cleaners are mandatory as they help to recover the engine performance, increase fuel efficiency and most importantly, reduce harmful exhaust gases. Check out the top 5 best catalytic converter cleaners [2023.

List of The Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner [2023

1. Cataclean Engine and Catalytic Converter

1. Cataclean Engine and Catalytic Converter
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With an ability to lower the hydrocarbon emission, this cleaner provides enhanced fuel efficiency. This can reduce the build-up of carbon from cylinder heads, oxygen sensors, and fuel injectors. On top of that, this will improve the overall performance of your vehicle and takes care of various issues like low fuel economy, power reduction, hard starts, and hesitation.

Besides, this is very suitable for flex-fuel and hybrid vehicles having gasoline and diesel engines. The product will reduce emissions and improves MPG. Apart from cleaning, this will protect the catalytic converter and is in a size of 473 ml. This is easy to use and provides the desired chemical reaction.


  • Easy to use and powerful performance.
  • Reduces hydrocarbon emissions and multiple applications.
  • Improves vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.


  • The average rating is on the lower side.

2. Solder-It Catalytic Converter

2. Solder-It Catalytic Converter
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If you are looking for a product that may help in the passing of emission control test, then this could work for you. The cleaner helps to clean the oxygen sensor and eliminates the odor of rotten egg. Moreover, this comes in a size of 16 ounces and is suitable for different types of vehicles.

This is easy to use and acts as a deodorizer. On the other hand, this has additive gas and stretches the time between tune-ups. This will clean out the exhaust system and can make your cars pass the inspection. This will enhance the performance of your engine and sets the emissions.


  • Easy to use and helps to pass emission test.
  • Deodorizes and removes rotten egg smell.
  • Cleans the entire exhaust system.


  • It has limited applicable and works for selected vehicles.

3. OXICAT Catalytic Converter Cleaner

3. OXICAT Catalytic Converter Cleaner
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This is a multipurpose catalytic converter cleaner and is safe for different types of engines. This will go with gasoline and diesel engines of hybrid vehicles and has effective performance. With regular use, it will clean the entire exhaust system. Apart from that, this automatically activates and maintains the optimum temperature to perform.

It comes in a size of 250 ml and is also an oxygen sensor cleaner. Furthermore, this will dissolve the carbon deposits and prevents the buildup of toxic residue. This exceeds the environmental standards and is safe for your vehicle. This will optimize the performance of your vehicle and extend the life of the engine.


  • Improves engine performance and safe to use.
  • Suitable for different types of engines.
  • Prevents noxious residue and cleans oxygen sensor.


  • The improvements may be slow to notice.

4. Mr Gasket Exhaust System Cleaner

4. Mr Gasket Exhaust System Cleaner
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Wanting to remove the hydrocarbon emissions from your vehicle’s engine, then this will serve as the best for you. The cleaner is very simple to use, and you will only have to pour and go. Additionally, this will maintain the efficiency of the catalytic converter and is safe for gasoline and diesel engines.

You can also use it for hybrid engines and is in a size of 16 fl oz. It will work great and will deliver professional results. This will give noticeable change and also works on fuel injectors, cylinder head chambers, and oxygen sensors.


  • Easy to apply and effective performance.
  • Maintains efficiency and wide compatibility.
  • Multipurpose uses and safe for different engines.


  • May not always work for all vehicles.

5. MotorPower Care Catalytic Converter Cleaner

5. MotorPower Care Catalytic Converter Cleaner
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This catalytic converter cleaner has high performance and can effectively remove carbon deposits. This will give good protection from renewed contamination and increase fuel efficiency. It will also optimize the performance of your engine and improves the catalyst functioning. Moreover, this will eliminate the problems and is suitable for hybrid vehicles with diesel and petrol engines.

Additionally, this can remove the existing deposits and is easy to apply. You can mix it in the ration of 1:300 of fuel and is very reliable. Besides, the regular use of this cleaner will give protection from heavy dirt. This is safe to use and comes in a size of 250 ml.


  • High capacity and effective cleaning.
  • Protects from soiling and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Removes carbon residue and optimizes engine performance.


  • It is a relatively new product to judge.

Catalytic Converter Cleaner Buying Guide

In order to buy the best catalytic converter cleaner for your car, keep the following points in mind while purchasing.


Performance is the ideal thing that you will have to look out for when you decide to get a catalytic converter cleaner. It has many advantages for your vehicle and can improve the performance of your engine. It can lower the emission level and brings it to satisfactory levels. Besides, it can deodorize and eliminate the smell of rotten egg. Above all, it will save your money by lowering the maintenance cost.


Most of the catalytic converter cleaners go with different types of engines. They are compatible with gasoline, diesel, or 2-stroke engines. However, some may not go with certain types of engines. It depends on what type of engine does your vehicle have so that you can select the one that is compatible with your engine. Take a close look at the instructions before you make a buy.

Safe to Use

Check if the cleaner meets the standards of Volatile Organic Compound as well as OTC regulations, which will make sure that it is safe for your engine. Since most of the catalytic converter cleaner have chemicals, it becomes important to know if it is safe for the environment. You can also look out for other requirements like low sulfur content.


Quantity is something that will directly affect your pocket. The more the quantity will be, the better it will be for you. You must know that you will have to use a catalytic converter cleaner quite often and is not a one-time task. You will have to perform it from time to time. See if the quantity is more and check if it comes in packages so that you can get a discount by buying in volume.


Brand is something that will always matter to see the effectiveness of the product. Popular brands manufacture good products that deliver better performance. However, there are also other brands that can perform relatively well. It is always advisable to go for a brand that will deliver good results and give effective cleaning.

How to Use Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Check the Spark Plugs

One of the primary things that you need to do is to check the spark plugs. It is advisable to change the spark plugs from time to time so that it can perform well. A good spark plug will minimize the carbon buildup and burn up the available fuel.

To Empty the Bottle

You will have to empty the bottle by pouring in the gas tank of the vehicle. You will only have to open the tank and pour it directly. However, it is important to read the instructions before you make an attempt.

Filling the Tank

The third step will be to fill the tank of the vehicle. It can either be with ten gallons or you can make it full.

To Drive Around till Empty

You will have to drive for at least 50 miles to get the best of the cleaning process. You need to attempt to drive your car until you empty the tank. This will deliver better results and lets you see the effective performance.

Engine Light Check

At this time, the engine light of your car will go off. You can also repeat the above process to see better performance. However, if you have received any alert regarding any error codes by the catalytic cleaner, then you will have to remove the codes. In this regard, you will have to see the instruction of your vehicle’s manual to clear the codes. It can vary from each car and can also be automatic.

To Refill the Tank

The last step of using a catalytic converter cleaner is to refill the tank and continue with the daily activities. Following this, you can go and check the emission levels of the car, and it should have a good cleanse. It is important that you should repeat the process from time to time. The effectiveness of a catalytic converter cleaner will last to up to 3-4 months but can also vary upon the usage of your vehicle.


If you want to elongate the lifetime of your engine and contribute to the environment by not emitting any harmful gases, a catalytic converter cleaner is a must. There are too many cheap-quality cleaners available, and that is why our team has handpicked the best ones for you to purchase online. It is time to make your vehicle shine from within as much as it is from the outside. Such a cleaner can also reduce your spending on maintenance significantly in the long run.

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