Top 10 Best Booster Seats in 2022 Reviews

Your kids have aged out of their forward-facing car seats. But does this actually mean the end of their safety-seat period? The answer is no. In fact, they have just moved on to another stage. In many states of the country, booster seats are highly recommended or even required by the laws to ensure safety for your children until they have grown to a suitable height that would fit a seat belt on your vehicle.

As the safety of your little ones is very important, it is necessary to consider carefully and make a good decision. The key is to pick a product that comes with durable construction, safety features, and other things that can provide full protection against shocks, injuries, and other accidents on the road.

But how can you achieve this goal with so many options available on the market? Do not worry because we are here to help. Read on to find out the top best booster seats for your children.

01. Evenflo Sprocket AMP Booster Seat For Big Kids

Evenflo Sprocket AMP Booster Seat For Big Kids Check price on Amazon

This booster seat from Evenflo will get your kids excited on every trip on the road. It provides up to six different positions that can be changed easily to meet children of different shapes and sizes. You can adjust the back when your little ones grow, while still keeping the head and side support in the right position.

In addition, it can be changed to a no-back booster if necessary. The comfortable padding around the body and head will ensure that your children do not complain about long drives. Moreover, there are some elastic cup holders, which can be used to store snacks, water bottles, and other additional items.

The seat is very simple to clean with a damp cloth. To ensure better positioning, this model is specially designed with a built-in belt guide. The whole model is crafted from high-quality and premium materials to allow for better durability. It is able to accommodate kids of up to 110 pounds in weight. The pad is machine washable to save a lot of your time and effort. Overall, this product is great for children who are at least 4 years old.

02. Graco Affix Atomic Booster Seat Highback With Latch System

Graco Affix Atomic Booster Seat Highback With Latch System Check price on Amazon

Help your little ones grow with safe by choosing this high-quality booster seat from Graco Affix. It is highly recommended for kids between 30 and 100 pounds. Installation can be done quickly in a few seconds only with one hand.

This is because the product offers a distinctive one-hand latch system. In addition, you would adjust the booster easily to keep it in place, thus ensuring overall safety. In other words, this latch system can create a reliable connection between the vehicle seat and the booster seat itself.

When it comes to design, the Graco Affix model features a great style that most children will love. You can easily make it become a backless booster for long-lasting use. More importantly, the energy-absorbing foam can be helpful in preventing any shocks from harming your little ones.

Its headrest is fully adjustable to ensure security and enhance comfort during a long trip. There are also open-loop belt guides to position the seat belt of the vehicle properly. Last but not least, you can store necessary items with a hideaway storage compartment and a built-in cup holder.

03. Graco Go Green Highback TurboBooster Seat

Graco Go Green Highback TurboBooster Seat Check price on Amazon

The Turbobooster seat by Graco is one of the most popular options on the market for many reasons. This is a 2-in-1 model for kids between 40 and 100 pounds. You can easily convert it from a backless booster to a highback booster and vice versa.

There are up to six different head positions that can be adjusted to keep your children happy and comfortable during the long ride. In addition, you can place water or snacks on the built-in cup holders. The open-loop belt guides will ensure that your children would have a suitable belt fit.

The armrests are fully padded to prevent fatigue and exhaustion during the ride. More importantly, the whole seat is crafted from energy-absorbing foam to prevent any harmful effects of impact or shocks on the road.

The back support is fully covered as well even when your kids grow. The headrests feature different layers to maximize comfort and relaxation. For all of these great features, it is easy to understand why many people pick this model for their little ones.

04. Graco Galaxy Backless TurboBooster Car Seat

Graco Galaxy Backless TurboBooster Car Seat Check price on Amazon

Seat and keep your growing kid happily and comfortably in this backless booster seat from Graco. As a parent, you will definitely love the added protection of this model by raising the kids up to the right height for using the seat belt.

In addition, it features a playful fabric that can interest your little ones. In general, this model is designed with comfort in mind thanks to the inclusion of the height-adjustable armrests. This is a very great solution to keep older kids who are during the transition from a harness booster to the seat belt of your car.

There are two hideaway cup holders that are great for storing water bottles or cups of your kids. When you want to clean, just remove the padded cushion and put it into a washing machine with some gentle detergents.

Other parts are crafted from high-quality plastics, which are also easy to clean yet durable enough to last for an extended period. This model is carefully designed and tested to meet all of the country’s standards. In general, this is a good booster seat for big children who are in the age between 4 and 10 years old.

05. Graco Pierce Backless Affix Booster Car Seats

Graco Pierce Backless Affix Booster Car Seat Check price on Amazon

The Graco booster seat is a great option to transport children between 40 pounds and 100 pounds. It comes with a reliable connection to the car seat just with its front-adjustable and one-hand latch system. You can easily use one hand to keep the unit in place steadily.

In addition, there are built-in cup holders and storage compartments that can be used for storing other important things during the trips, such as drinks or snacks. The seat cushion is removable and machine washable for easier cleaning and maintenance.

The manufacturer carefully tests and designs this booster seat to make sure that it can endure the most rigorous crashes. Therefore, you can be sure about its full protection for your little ones. The frame is crafted from high-quality plastic and metal to allow for long-lasting durability.

Also, the front adjustment makes it easier and quicker to tighten the unit to the seat. Thanks to a secure connection, there will be no problems occurring to your children during a long trip on the road.

06. Cosco Leo Backless Topside Booster Seat

Cosco Leo Backless Topside Booster Seat Check price on Amazon

If your children are ready for a booster seat, then go for this topside model from Cosco. It is specially designed to meet travel needs. The chair can provide your kids with the extra height that is necessary for keeping the seatbelts positioned correctly. Ideally, you can use this seat for kids from 40 pounds to 100 pounds.

The whole unit is portable and light for easy transport in case you want to change the car. In addition, the extra-plush padding can enhance comfort in long rides. The fabric of this unit is durable and sturdy to withstand wear and tear for many years.

You can choose from several color options to meet the preferences of your little ones. With the covered armrests and comfy pad, you can be sure that they will stay comfortable during the long ride. More importantly, this product is specially made to leave no indentations or marks on the seats of your car. So, if you are still hesitant about a suitable model for your children, then this product should be in your consideration list.

07. Graco Atlas Glacier 2-in-1 Booster Seat

Graco Atlas Glacier 2-in-1 Car Seat Check price on Amazon

The Graco Atlas is what you need to help your children grow with safety. You can easily change between two positions: a high booster to accommodate kids between 30 and 100 pounds as well as a harness booster to hold up children between 22 and 65 pounds.

The harness system is super easy to adjust to save a lot of your time and effort. More importantly, there are up to ten different height positions so that your kids can be positioned properly and comfortably during the trip.

This seat comes with a helpful storage compartment in which you would store everything for a ride. In addition, water or snacks can be stored in the dual cupholders. Most parts like harness covers, buckle covers, and seat pad are machine washable for easier cleaning. The metal frame is extremely durable to allow for long-lasting use.

08. Evenflo Thunder Maestro Booster Seats

Evenflo Thunder Maestro Car Seat Check price on Amazon

This booster seat is another high-quality and affordable model from Evenflo, which is one of the most trusted brands on the market. It is a combination of different styles to meet different needs as well as allow for extended use when your children grow.

This adjustment can be easily made thanks to the 5-point belt positions. In addition, one of the most impressive features is the latch system that allows for easier installation and transfer between different cars.

The seat is carefully tested and designed to endure overall impact, thus ensuring that your children can be safe during a trip. Built-in cup holders can be used for storing the beverages and snacks without taking up space in your car. The belt can be adjusted quickly to provide a correct for your children.

09. Britax Domino Pioneer 2-in-1 Car Booster Seats

Britax Domino Pioneer 2-in-1 Car Car Seat Check price on Amazon

Convenience, comfort, and safety are three great benefits that the Britax booster seat can bring to your children. Setup can be done easily in a few minutes thanks to the easy on-off latch connectors. They are able to lock the unit into a fixed place and can be released easily just by pushing the button.

In addition, the seat comes with a patented impact protection system with different components, such as a V-shaped tether, an energy-absorbing base, and a steel frame. This combination can minimize staged release stitches and seat rotation during the trip.

Two built-in cup holders can be used for storing snacks and drinks. The harness can be adjusted quickly in 9 different positions. More importantly, the headrest is foam-lined and comes with a deep energy-absorbing shell to provide layers of extra protection. This is very important to prevent any injuries when an accident occurs. Similarly, there are two protective layers on each side for the same effects.

10. KidsEmbrace Comics Batman Backless Booster Seats

KidsEmbrace Comics Batman Backless Car Seat Check price on Amazon

Are your children a fan of Batman, then there is no option better than the KidsEmbrace booster seat. It is fully equipped to make you feel peace of mind on every trip. The unit can be used for accommodating kids more than four years old, who have a weight between 40 pounds and 100 pounds. The seat cushion is contoured with polyurethane foam to improve comfort. Also, there is a belt-positioning clip that can be adjusted easily to fit the size and shape of your kids.

Carefully designed by professional and experienced engineers, this booster seat meets all of the safety standards from the authorities. Therefore, you can be sure that your children will have safety when being on the road.

With the built-in cup holder, your little ones can also enjoy their favorite snacks or drinks at any time they want. For all of these great features, this model is definitely one of the best choices that you can pick for your kids.


After all, there is nothing important than the safety of your children when traveling on the road. It is necessary to choose a good booster seat that can protect them against any possible accidents. With this buying guide, we can be sure that you will make a good decision and choose the right one for your kids.

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