Top 10 Best Bass AMP Heads in 2021 Reviews

The key to a great bass tone lies with the best bass AMP heads. The right amp head can give you all the power you need for the stage and studio performances. These days amp heads come in compact and lightweight versions to allow you to carry them with you wherever you go.

They are equipped with multiple inputs and output jacks to deliver optimum versatility like never before. As if that’s not enough, these amp heads are durably constructed so they can sustain the rigors that come with daily use and abuse. To help you find the right bass amp head, we have compiled the following top 10 best reviews. Read through carefully in order to take home the right unit.

Our Top Picks for Best Bass AMP Heads

1. BEHRINGER BXD3000H 2-Channel Bass Amplifier Head

1.	BEHRINGER BXD3000H 2-Channel Bass Amplifier Head

Check price on Amazon For a bass player who requires the ultimate in tonal versatility, the BEHRINGER BXD3000H 2-Channel Bass Amplifier Head is your ideal product. It is equipped with a revolutionary shape filter to provide precision sound sculpting to satisfy even the extreme tone connoisseur. This amplifier head weighs in at 7.7lbs to give you all the power of a traditional technology without the backbreaking weight.

It features a flexible design so it can go head-to-head even at the toughest competition. This amplifier can be used at home, on stage, or in the studio; thanks to the built-in line outputs and XLR DI. Moreover, it is affordably priced so you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets just to have it.


  • This amplifier is ultra-compact and lightweight for easy handling
  • It has enormous power with incredible sonic performance
  • Offers quick sound change whilst playing rhythm


  • The EQ only works well on the second channel

2. VOX Bass Combo Amplifier, PB10

2.	VOX Bass Combo Amplifier, PB10

Check price on Amazon With its portable design, the VOX Bass Combo Amplifier, PB10 is ideal for an on-the-go bass player. It is designed with a bright switch to offer an edgy boost to the top harmonics. There is a drive control that you can turn up to provide a warm, bass distortion that adds vitality and character to tone.

This amplifier delivers a full range of tone with treble and bass tone-shaping controls for optimum performance. It comes with a headphone output that enables for silent practice and recording. Furthermore, this amplifier is equipped with amPLug G2 to allow you to connect it directly to a guitar without the need for a guitar cable.

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  • This amp is fantastic and works great
  • It offers great value for money in terms of performance
  • This unit seems solid and durable enough to sustain long-term use
  • It is lightweight and portable for all acoustic sessions


  • The speakers need improvement

3. Ampeg Bass Amp, MICRO-CL

3.	Ampeg Bass Amp, MICRO-CL

Check price on Amazon Delivering 100 watts of pure Ampeg tone, the Ampeg Bass Amp, MICRO-CL is perfect for seasoned bassists looking to practice in far flung locations like the master bedroom. It is equipped with stereo input and output for silent practice and recording.

This Amp head is compact in size to allow you to install it anywhere in your room without occupying too much space. Hence, you can use it in the recording studio, on stage, in the vehicle, and back home; thanks to its portability. Moreover, this unit produces a clear and loud sound with a good tone to keep you absolutely entertained.

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  • This Amp head produces good sound out of the package
  • It has good quality and looks well-made
  • This tool boasts a solid state design
  • It has controls for bass and treble


  • This bass Amp is a little expensive, however, you get what you pay for

4. Blackstar Bass Amplifier Black, FLY3BASS

4.	Blackstar Bass Amplifier Black, FLY3BASS

Check price on Amazon Consider the Blackstar Bass Amplifier Black, FLY3BASS if you’re looking for a top-quality unit to work with your phone, bass guitar or tablet. It is compact and lightweight to enable you to take anywhere with you so you can always get the sound in your head.

This bass amp head is battery-operated, making it convenient to use anywhere without the need for electricity. It produces a loud sound that makes it ideal for a group of acoustic players. This amp head boasts an emulated line output to allow for silent practice or recording. Moreover, it is capable of combining two channels, EQ and a compressor to give you the best performance.

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  • This amp head is great for use around campfires and jam sessions
  • It makes a great small package for practice
  • The quality is great to hold up well over time


  • It does not have a tone setting that would allow a smoother tone

5. Hartke Bass Guitar Amplifier Head, 250 watts

5.	Hartke Bass Guitar Amplifier Head, 250 watts

Check price on Amazon The Hartke Bass Guitar Amplifier Head, 250 watts is loaded with numerous advanced features such as a front panel compression and 10 bands of equalization. Thus, it allows you to create a broad range of tonal colors. This amplifier uses 250 watts of power that can drive a small to mid-sized bass rig with exceptional clarity and punch.

It has two fully adjustable contour knobs to provide optimum control for shaping the bass sound. There is a dedicated in and out button to allow you to preset an equalization curve. In addition, this amplifier is equipped with protection relay circuitry that protects connected speakers from dangerous overloading while preventing thumbs when powering on and off.


  • This amplifier is well-made to offer durable performance
  • It is stylish with a silver face to create an aesthetic appeal in any space
  • The amp can be used for studio and live performances
  • It is extremely loud and punchy


  • This amp may be a little heavy if you intend to travel with it

6. Ampeg Portaflex Bass Amplifier Head, PF-500

6.	Ampeg Portaflex Bass Amplifier Head, PF-500

Check price on Amazon For a classic tone and tons of power in a modern design, the Ampeg Portaflex Bass Amplifier Head, PF-500 is your go-to. It delivers a staggering 500W of power in an ultra-compact portable package. This amp has precise tone controls with multiple inputs and output options to deliver optimum flexibility.

It can mount directly to existing PF series flip-flop cabinets so you can keep it away from elements and abuse. There is an onboard compression to provide a tighter, cleaner tone at high volumes. Furthermore, this amplifier has a rugged design that makes it tough and sturdy to sustain regular use.


  • This amplifier sounds clear and punchy
  • It has a compression knob that makes it a must-have
  • The fan is quiet with a tone that does not frustrate


  • It may come with a few manufacturer defects; however, this is replaceable

7. Orange Crush Head, CR120H

7.	Orange Crush Head, CR120H

Check price on Amazon With its simple design, the Orange Crush Head, CR120H is suitable for band rehearsals and small to medium gigs. It is a solid state 2-channel amplifier comprising of dirty and clean channels based on the reputable rockerverb range. The dirty channel utilizes the circuit based on 4 stages of gain and a 3 band EQ to provide you with a wide pallet of over-driven and distorted sound.

The clean channel, on the other hand, is a 2-stage, 2-band EQ to give you a clean but warm sound. There is a built-in digital reverb to provide you with a natural sounding spring. Moreover, this amp delivers 120 watts of power in a portable orange package.

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  • This amplifier looks and sounds great
  • It can be used for rehearsal, in a living room, or on stage
  • This unit is inexpensive with solid construction
  • It produces consistent tone every time


  • The knob feels a bit cheap given the thin-plastic used but it works well though

8. TC Electronic Bass Head RH750

8.	TC Electronic Bass Head RH750

Check price on Amazon Featuring hardcore craftsmanship, the TC Electronic Bass Head RH750 can handle the grueling rigors of regular use. As a result, it is perfect for the hi-performance demanded in studio and recording situations. With the 750 watts of power, this amplifier head delivers strong power for days in a compact package.

It is equipped with an accurate integrated tuner that lets you tune up in a matter of seconds. This amplifier boasts three presets to allow for instant recall of settings for different basses. Better yet, it has auxiliary inputs to allow for playback through earphones.


  • This amplifier has user-friendly controls
  • It delivers clean sound with more than enough power for any venue
  • This amp head is easy to transport and to store when not in use
  • The performance and quality are at per with the price


  • The RCA inputs don’t work how you might expect

9. Ampeg Classic Reissue Tube Bass Amplifier Head, 300 Watt

9.	Ampeg Classic Reissue Tube Bass Amplifier Head, 300 Watt

Check price on Amazon If you want bone-crushing power and huge bass tone, look no further than the Ampeg Classic Reissue Tube Bass Amplifier Head. It uses super-valve technology to offer top-performing gear to most demanding bassists. This amplifier has the classic performance and the look of an original Ampeg device.

The only difference is that it contains a balanced direct out to allow you to connect it to a mixer or recording set up. Also, there is the CL and SVR-VR feature to allow for easy adjustable controls so the amp is always working properly. Better yet, this amp is authentic from its input jack all the way to its 6 output tubes to deliver ultimate performance.


  • This bass amp head performs well every time
  • It produces enough power for any venue
  • The tone is heavy and the sound is clear


  • This amp is heavy and bulky; however, its performance is worth all the hassle

10. Markbass Bass Amp Head, Blackline

10.	Markbass Bass Amp Head, Blackline

Check price on Amazon Building on the results of the popular original products, the Markbass Bass Amp Head, Blackline delivers numerous useful features and power for practice and studio. It has all the standard bells and whistles including a couple of added details that make it stand out.

There are controls for gain, four band EQ, and master. At the same time, this device features a VPF (Variable Pre-shape Filter) knob to allow you to alter the EQ further. And the panel at back features the tuner out, speaker output, FX loop, and a switchable EQ XLR line out for direct recording.


  • This unit is flexible and it offers top-quality sound
  • It is easy to install and to operate
  • There are several input and output options included for optimum versatility


  • May come with a few manufacturer flaws; however, this is replaceable

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Bass Amp Head

If you are wondering how to start looking for the best bass amp head, take a look at the following factors.


When shopping for a bass amp head, it is important that you have a budget so you don’t end up breaking the banking during the purchase. It is a general belief that a top-performing product attracts a higher price tag. But then, when it comes to bass amps, it is important that you combine the budget you have with all other features you require in an amp head.


Although most people don’t think the size of an amp matters, it plays a big role in ensuring you can carry the amp easily. Hence, if you are a bassist who likes to travel a lot, consider a bass amp that comes in a lightweight and compact design. This will make it easy for you to carry the amp to the stage, studio, and back home.


To get the most out of the bass amp head you buy, make sure it has a high power rating. While most amp heads may rate 100 and 200 watts, you can find amps rated 500 watts and above. Besides, high-wattage amps produce super clean bass that can be achieved at high volumes.


Bass amp heads have gone through several modifications in this day and age, but still, they have the functionality and performance of the original counterparts. This is why they are still popular and can be found with most musicians. The bass amp market is, however, flooded with several counterfeits and poor quality products. That is why you need to go through these reviews to get authentic amps at pocket-friendly prices.

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